Chivalry Is Alive & Well....
I want to thank a young man, age 13 or 14, named Dimitrie, who, after seeing my car having no choice but to drive over a small plastic seat, and watched me, on his bike, noisily drag it helplessly. 
He followed me, as I turned off the road hoping somehow it was an easy fix.  He gallantly crawled under (partially...I would not have allowed him to put himself in danger!) and removed it! As a grateful grandmother, I insisted I contribute towards some summer fun...but I was so moved by his rush to my aid, I want to share it with my community.  It's actually his parents I want to see this...altho they already know what a gem he is!
Myra Bushell
Susan Petroni July 06, 2014 at 07:19 PM
Myra, thanks for posting!


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