Contentious Secure Communities Hearing

About 300 residents attended a public hearing today at Mass Bay Community College. This was the second of 12 hearings planned in the Commonwealth about the federal Secure Communities program.

All of the explosive ingredients seen in any public hearings focused on immigration happened in Framingham this afternoon: opinions, frustration and anger.

The specific topic that brought about 300 people to Mass Bay Community College’s cafeteria was whether Massachusetts should participate in Secure Communities,” a federal program that allows local law enforcement to have access to the Department of Homeland Security database on immigrants currently living in the U.S.

Richard Chacón, the director of the Office of Refugees and Immigrants, faced a diverse crowd – composed of immigrant and American workers, college professors, priests, pastors and leftist & rightist activists. He opened the meeting with a more conciliatory tone.

“For the last 15 years, Brazil has brought the most immigrant population to the state, followed by Dominican Republic, China, Germany, Portugal, and Canada,” said Chacón, who confessed to having grown up amongst the majority Latino population of Texas.

Before people were able to voice their opinions, Kurt Wood, the Commissioner of Massachusetts Department of Public Safety, gave an overview of the federal program.

He said the Secure Communities is scheduled to be implemented throughout the United States in 2013, “with us or without us.”

“When an individual is arrested, he is fingerprinted. The information is sent to the FBI, and the FBI shares it with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), that’s what happens,” said Wood.

Secure Communities does not authorize law enforcement officers in Massachusetts, or in any state, to enforce immigration laws, Wood stressed.

The crowd started to become agitated, when Sarang Sekhavat, policy director for the Massachusetts Immigration and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, spoke on behalf of 900,000 immigrants across the country.

“This program is not doing what was supposed to be doing. Of those arrested and deported by a pilot program, which started in Boston in 2008, 53 percent were non-criminal immigrants, only about 25 percent were what the government calls criminals,” said Sekhavat.

“We can’t afford to have our jails full because ICE is issuing detainers for immigrants who are not criminals, that’s what is happening right now,” he added.

Mike Scopa, a local resident, asked why the panel includes an advocate against the program, but does not have someone for Secure Communities.

“If in fact the illegal immigrant community is not for something as innocuous as the enforcement of the laws against level one offenders that says that this communities have a vested interested. I’m in favor of what the Governor is trying to do,” he said.

Megan Christopher, an attorney at MetroWest Legal Services, spoke about how if enacted the new federal program could break the trust between the community and the police.

“When we make so that the victim have a greater difficulty in reaching out for help, we create a small, tight, isolated community of people who are easily victimized,” said Christopher. “Slum lords, bad employers, abusers of all kind, can practically find by a zip code people who cannot stand up for themselves.”

 State Sen. Jamie Eldridge, a Democrat from Marlborough, highlighted several reasons against the application of the federal program.

He said the only way to restore the Governor’s credibility with the immigrant community would be not to sign the proposal.

Eldridge was practically shut off by those against his view, who claimed he had used more than 1 minute to speak.

An American Iraq veteran, who said he was a lawyer, said he “noticed that the panel does not make a distinction between legal and illegal immigrants.”

“Illegal immigration is a federal crime. I find it ironic that we spend hundreds of billions of dollars to teach the rule of the law in Iraq, but we are not doing it here,” he said, only to hear several members of the audience shout: “go back to Law School, illegal immigration is a civil violation.”

A Colombian woman, who sought political asylum in the U.S., told the crowd holding signs saying “Illegals, go back home,” that she would die if she were sent back to her country.

She said the drug trafficking guerrillas would kill her, the same they did her father.

The woman claimed that many in the audience would not agree to work for $8 per hour, like she does – the audience erupted in applause.

Towards the end of the hearing, Framingham Patch asked Chacón: if Chicago decided not to participate in the federal program, why Massachusetts needs to do it?

Chacón said he could not speak for that what Chicago is doing, and that these meetings will inform the Governor and will guide a broader discussion about the program with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The meeting at Mass Bay Community College was the second of a series of 12 public hearings  the Governor’s Office is hosting in Massachusetts.

Commissioner Kurt Wood said a decision about Secure Communities, may be reached sometime this summer.

Joe Rizoli March 13, 2011 at 04:13 AM
Joe Rizoli from CCFIILE.com States: I personally feel the meeting was favored towards the Illegals. I find it disheartening that this meeting is supposed to be SPONSORED by the Governors office, yet, the LITERATURE on the tables supported the group MIRA a group DEFENDING the plight of Illegals. Also, the American citizen were outnumbered by three to one or more. To be at a meeting and realize that most of the people represented there were NOT in favor of SECURE COMMUNITIES sends a bad message to all of us that these people do not except rule of law. To have people who are ILLEGAL or placate for the Illegal immigrant community against law enforcement, thinking they speak for the American law abiding citizen is unacceptable just as having MIRA with a representative sitting on the panel. As the saying goes the foxes have taken over the hen house. These meetings and forums such as these should be advertised for AMERICAN CITIZENS. NO illegals should be able to participate in these meetings. These Secure Communities meetings need a more balanced panel of people who can show WHAT is acceptable behavior for anyone hoping to reside in the USA. A person who thinks that document fraud, false visas, visa overstays, false licenses and all such CRIMINAL activities makes that person a good person to speak against Law enforcement and thinks they have the right to speak at these meetings is ludicrous. Joe Rizoli CCFIILE.com CCFIILE.org CCFIILE@gmail.com
Jim Rizoli March 13, 2011 at 05:28 AM
Jim Rizoli from CCFIILE.COM said Today we were at Mass Bay on Flagg Dr, to listen to the Governors representatives speak about the Secure Communities initiative to protect our towns from criminal illegal aliens. I believe this is going to be Federally enforced law by 2013 The pro-illegal immigrant people there out numbered the American Citizen by at least 3-1. So the question is.... why are so many immigrants against a program that wants to see the laws enforced against illegal immigrant criminals? Hard to believe they (illegal aliens) could think they could have a say in an American program (Secure Communities) to protect the Law abiding immigrants and the American citizens. Too bad the program was an illegal alien controlled meeting. The meeting went on without any incident other than having the pro-illegal alien people calling us Americans racist, the typical Anti-American drivel that comes out of their mouths when they can't win the argument against law enforcement.
Joe Rizoli March 13, 2011 at 05:35 PM
Joe Rizoli CCFIILE.com, states: I thought it was interesting that the MIRA group, a communist Socialist Anti-American abomination of defenders of criminals, didn't want pictures taken of anybody in the audience. Geee....I wonder why? Could it be that more than half the people in the audience were ILLEGAL? Could it be nobody wanted these pictures for public display because after all, maybe some of these people are wanted for crimes in the countries of origin or wanted here for criminal activity? What kind of people would not want pictures unless they wanted to protect those who are here ILLEGALLY? The MIRA group is a despicable organization than needs to have the members themselves deported. Those who were Patriotic Americans stood up to these MIRA people and told them where to go. The meeting was OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. If you didn't want to be photographed then you shouldn't have been there. As to State Rep Jamie Eldridge, SHAME on him for defending the illegals. He is another Pam Richardson. He should be mediately recalled and fired. The man is a joke and an embarrassment to Americans who want Law Enforcement. How people like him keep getting elected shows the Illegals are taking over our State Reps and influencing them to defend illegal activity. As one person once said: "The Lawmakers are defending the Law breakers" Joe Rizoli CCFIILE.com CCFIILE.org CCFIILE@gmail.com
Jim Rizoli March 13, 2011 at 07:46 PM
Jim Rizoli from CCFIILE.COM said Here is the link to the audio of the Secure Communities Meeting. http://blip.tv/file/4879604
Joe Rizoli March 14, 2011 at 05:22 AM
Joe Rizoli States: For the discussion of Secure Communities here are some time spots in the Audio for some responses some PRO-American for the Law, some not. My comments explain: http://blip.tv/file/4879604 5:50 into discussion Mike Skoppa ( sp ) Great points Asked "Why is there an advocate AGAINST this Secure Communities on the panel?" 8:20 Sydney Pires....Brazilian against Secure Communities.....a nut job, typical AMERICAN Brazilian, you wonder what is AMERICAN about him...... 14:00 Jim Rizoli speaks: "This program is to protect YOU ( the immigrants )" 18:53 Megan Christopher, Lawyer who represents the Illegal "victims" in court as domestic violence victims. She should be in jail, but who am I to judge hehehehe I have a lot to say about Megan Christopher but I'll hold my tongue. 23:25 Kevin Dwyer from the Socialist Party......Yikes are we in trouble if he gets his way..... 28:11 State Rep Jamie Eldridge speaks his treason. Votes AGAINST this program. Sided with the Illegal Immigrants. HE should be deported to Brazil or Columbia. This guy is a total disgrace for a State Rep. A Lawmaker supporting the Law breakers 31:00 Jim Gettizens ( sp ) Illegal Immigration is a FEDERAL CRIME, he speaks as a lawyer and spelled it out rather nicely. 36: 33 Mike Fakuar ( sp ) in pictures 7 and 9 above. Spoke about 3 Nuns killed by Illegal Immigrants. "You come to this country through the back door. Leave and come back LEGALLY." end part 1
Joe Rizoli March 14, 2011 at 05:38 AM
Joe Rizoli States CCFIILE.com Part 2 39:22 Fausto DeRocha spoke nonsense, says police already arrest criminals...bla bla bla obviously as an American and a Brazilian is AGAINST this program. 42 48: Eduardo Oliveria 1st two photos above by him. Asked: "Chicago didn't sign on for this program so why should Boston?" 43 :33 Father Albert Spanker from St Stephens told about a "24 year old arrested as a passenger in a car driven by another illegal. HE got deported". Sob sob, good more should be arrested along with Father Spanker..... 51:22 Carlos Valadares speaks: Carlos was the FIRST Brazilian I ever met back in 1991. I videotaped a Brazilian wedding for him when he got sick ( only paid me half the money ) O well. 52:33 A "Babara" asked "Why didn't you invite ICE to this program? Don't you think it would be fair to invite them?" 54:51 Rick of Framingham says "You got to obey the Law" 57:22 Joe Rizoli Speaks: DEFENDS the ILLEGALS who get ripped off from employers. Then says that Document fraud is a CRIMINAL act....All the Illegals are thus CRIMINALS, hehehe 58:25 Ilma Paixao Brazilian radio personality and arch enemy of the Rizoli's spoke about a Brazilian mother being threatened for deportation by her 13 yr old DAUGHTER. 61 min 21 sec Jack Prindiville speaks about Immigration control for those who LEAVE the country. Others in time line speak about racial profiling, the police bla bla bla...... end.... Thats it Joe Rizoli CCFIILE.com CCFIILE.org CCFIILE@gmail.com
Joe Rizoli October 03, 2011 at 01:48 AM
If you want the TRUE FACTS about the Secure Communities here is a talk by Sheriff Tom Hodgson of Bristol County. http://www.bcso-ma.us/ He was at the latest Greater Waltham Tea party meeting Sept 28, 2011. He will fill you in on all the lies and propaganda that the immigrant community is NOT telling you http://blip.tv/the-weekly-show/sheriff-ton-hodgson-5607197 The last part of his discussion about the Brazilians was very interesting. NOW I understand how the Secure Communities works by a Sheriff who KNOWS what he is talking about. Joe Rizoli CCFIILE.com CCFIILE.org ALL major videos here: http://blip.tv/the-weekly-show


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