Pedestrian Suffers Fractured Ankle After Struck By Car

Thursday afternoon, “Cappy” Baltasar of 1051 Old Connecticut Path was hit by a car when he crossed Old Connecticut Path to investigate if NSTAR was cutting trees.

An Old Connecticut Path resident was struck by a car Thursday afternoon, while he crossing the street, according to his daughter.

Thursday between 1:30 and 2 p.m., “Cappy” Baltasar of 1051 Old Connecticut Path was hit by a car when he crossed Old Connecticut Path. He has a fractured ankle and is at .

His daughter Vivian told neighbor and Town Meeting member Audrey Hall he "is pretty cut up and is undergoing further testing."

Hall set out an email to the neighborhood on the incident.

The daughter said her dad was in his yard when he thought he heard NSTAR working across the street, so he crossed the street to take a look. When he crossed again to return to his yard, he was hit by a car traveling westbound, according to the email that went out to the neighborhood.

Vivian says her dad didn’t see any cars so he thinks the car that hit him may have pulled out of the gas station.

Baltasar attended the , as he was informed he may lose up to 250 trees on his property.

Framingham Patch contacted Framingham Police for more details on the incident, but have not heard back at this time.

Framingham Patch also contacted Baltasar's daughter for additional details. We will update when we learn more.


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