Square Knot-Tying Shaq Takes Second in Pinewood Derby

The Knox Trail Boy Scout Council awarded basketball star Shaquille O' Neal with its Distinguished Citizen Award last night. The Celtics star learned how to tie a square knot and participated in a Pinewood Derby race.

The awarded basketball star Shaquille O'Neal with its Distinguished Citizen Award last night in Framingham at the .

The Celtics star learned how to tie a square knot and participated in a Pinewood Derby race, too.

When asked later by a Scout which was worse his twisted ankle or losing to a bunch of Scouts in the Pinewood Derby, the honored guest jokingly asked the Scout to ask that question to his face and not from the audience. Then jokingly told him it would cost him a box of thin mint Girl Scout cookies to get the answer.

Boy Scouts award their Distinguished Citizen Award to civic role models of leadership excellence, rare individuals who have built careers of exceptional success on the foundation ideals of the Scout Oath and Law.

O'Neal in accepting the award joked that he was kicked out of the Boy Scout three times.

After receiving his award, he was shown his Pinewood Derby entry in last night's race. The car came from a Tiger Cub Scout Troop in Milford: specifically Cole Windsor, 6, Connor McNamara, 7, and Mackenzie Enwright, 7.

The first two races were not good for O'Neal's car. He finished in third. But by the final race, his car had moved up to second place.

Afterwards, O'Neal was asked to learn how to tie a square know with Boy Scout Mike Biancucci from the Camp Resolute staff.

"Shaq, given that you live in Sudbury near our on Nobscot Road, in the event you stop by sometime you will need to be prepared. We feel it is important for you to learn how to tie this knot," said master of ceremonies for the evening Mike Dowling.

"The square knot figures prominently in Scouting worldwide. It is included in the international badge and many Scouting awards., In the Boy Scouts of America demonstrating the proper tying of the square knot is a requirement for all boys joining the program," said Dowling.

Afterwards O'Neal took a few questions from the audience.

When a Scout asked him if he would be signing autographs, he answered "it will cost you a box of thin mint Girl Scout cookies."

O'Neal didn't sign autographs or pose for photos for everyone in the crowded ballroom, as he was escorted out before the event was finished. Earlier in the evening, there was a VIP reception for some of those in attendance last night.

When a Scout asked him why he picked Sudbury to live, he jokingly answered "I Googled big farmhouse outside of Boston and that was the only one that showed up."

Favorite soft drink? "Diet Coke."

Team to win  the NCAA championship? "I'd like to see the underdog win. Butler."

As many of you know reading this, the UConn Huskies won the NCAA championship last night. Hopefully, O'Neal's prediction that he will be back on the court soon comes true.


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