Lexington Symphony Performing for Students at Nevins Hall

Lexington Symphony flute player Cindy Moore worked with several businesses and the Framingham Cultural Council to bring the sounds of an orchestra to third and fourth grade students in Framingham today.

Third and fourth grade students will be treated to a concert by the Lexington Symphony, Orchestrating Kids Through Classics™ program at today, June 1.

Thanks to a generous grant from the , and the hard work of Lexington Symphony flute player Cindy Moore, the sounds of symphony will be heard by elementary school students.

Moore, who teaches in the Framingham Public Schools, had always wanted her students to be able to experience Orchestrating Kids Through Classics.

When the Framingham Public Schools cut the elementary school band program last year, Moore felt that it was vital to find another way to keep the kids interested in learning an instrument.

She contacted Mary Kiely, co-chair of the Creative Arts Council of Framingham, and together they worked together to find funding opportunities that could support bringing Lexington Symphony's program to town.

With their hard work, they received funding from , , Mass Cultural Council and Bose Corporation.

"I am so excited that my students (along with 1,100 other kids in town) will be able to share this experience," said Moore.

Last week, four musicians from the Lexington Symphony visited the elementary schools in Framingham as a pre-cursor to today's concert.

Orchestrating Kids Through Classics™ is not a classical “eat your broccoli” concert for kids. It’s an original program with a fresh approach to listening and learning, and kids love it.

The one-hour concert takes students on a tour of the orchestra from its very beginnings 500 years ago through the contemporary music of Star Wars, with many creative and dramatic flourishes along the way.

Designed specifically for third and fourth graders, who are at the age where kids choose instruments to play, its overarching goal is to personalize and demystify the classical concert experience while introducing the diverse sounds of an orchestra in an engaging way.



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