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CVS Employees Required to Report Weight, Body Fat for Insurance

Employees at the drugstores who don't report will face increased rates.

What would you do if you went in to work one day and your employer told you that you needed to report your weight, body fat and glucose levels or your insurance costs would jump by $600 a year?

CVS employees are dealing with that very issue right now, according to the Boston Herald.

"This is an incredibly coercive and invasive thing to ask employees to do,” Patient Privacy Rights founder Dr. Deborah Peel told the Herald, adding that mounting health care costs have made these policies increasingly common.

According to the Herald's report, CVS Caremark employs 200,000 workers and all of them, including those at the CVS locations in downtown Framingham and on Route 9, are being required to report their metrics by May 1.

The company has dubbed the request “a health screening and wellness review so that colleagues know their key health metrics in order to take action to improve their numbers, if necessary.”

Cheryl Tully Stoll March 19, 2013 at 04:12 PM
This is a classic example of how NOT to do something. All they had to do was offer $600.00 to those who did participate and they would have had GREAT press. Now they have a mess to clean up which will be very costly to their brand. In some states there is also potential for litigation which will generate more costs and bad PR.


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