Have You Seen Water In Your Basement?

Half dozen tips to keep your basement dry this spring.

I remember a couple of years ago while watching the morning news and the newscaster saying the Pembroke River had flooded. Floods were happening everywhere at that time, but certainly not for me. I had never had a drop of water in my basement. I will never forget telling the kids it was time to go to the bus and hearing my then 12year old make an exclamation of shock, as we opened the basement door to head to the bus and found my sneakers floating by. Oh yes floating! What do you do? Well, I called my husband and we started pumping it out and cleaning up immediately.

Well I have learned the hard way that not all basements are created equal, and with all the snow we have had this year, the melt is on and yes you could be facing the dreaded water in the basement too! Well don’t despair, but get ready to clean up and find the source of the problem. Water in the basement is for sure not fun but can be remedied, according to the Web site at Value Dry Basement Waterproofing Company , a local expert. Value Dry offers a lifetime transferable warranty that certainly gives home owners peace of mind.

Here are some tips to keeping your basement dry.

  1. Be sure exterior landscaping near the foundation is sending water away from the house. Grading issues can cause unnecessary water flow in the wrong direction.
  2. Keep gutters free and clean of leaves and debris. Overflowing and backed up gutters can pool water underground and send it right into that nice playroom of yours.
  3. Be sure bulkheads are properly sealed and that the door at the bulkhead bottom is as well.
  4. If you have a sump pump, be sure it is plugged in! Don’t laugh, many people unplug their pump when it’s not needed and find they have water in their basement because they forgot to plug it back in. In some cases sump pumps have a battery backup, so be sure that the battery actually works.
  5. Be sure to repair any foundation cracks in basement walls and floors where water can seep in. A professional basement company can easily perform these services.
  6.  If your basement has a large amount of consistent water, an interior drainage system may need to be installed. Although a much larger job, it is a successful remedy to a wet basement.

Remember, after the water is gone to be sure that all wet drywall and insulation be removed.

Run a dehumidifier and fans to keep mold from settling into those areas previously wet.

In some cases a mold remediation company can help you here, and spray the surfaces with an anti fungal to prevent mold growth.

 If water level is extremely high and can affect electrical and heating units call your local fire department, they can bail you out no pun intended.

Although all of the above is certainly not a pleasant experience (take it from me) it can be fixed and someday you will laugh about the day your saw your dog go for a paddle in the basement. LOL

Heidi Zizza is a Realtor with , Framingham.

Jim Rizoli March 18, 2011 at 07:28 PM
Jim Rizoli said If you have this much water in your basement give me a call..... 508-872-7292 I do pump outs, rug rip outs.


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