Selectmen To Hold Liquor License Violation Hearing on O'Connell's Pub

Framingham Police are recommending Framingham Selectmen suspend the establishment's liquor license for one-day following an incident in April 2014.

Framingham Selectmen will hold a liquor license public hearing tonight, June 24, for a report of a liquor license violation at O'Connell's Pub earlier this year.

Framingham Police are recommending a 1-day suspension of the all-alcohol license to be served on a Thursday, the same day as the violation.

According to Framingham Police, on Thursday, April 4, O'Connell's Pub sold alcohol to an intoxicated individual.

A Framingham State University student, 21, was sent to MetroWest Medical Center after returning to campus, according to Police. The individual required alcohol-related treatment at the hospital, according to a police investigation.

Because O'Connell's Pub cooperated during the police investigation and has no previous alcohol violations, Framingham Police are recommending a one-day suspension of the license to Selectmen.

Selectmen, are the licensing board in the Town of Framingham. They could choose not to accept the recommendation from Framingham Police, agree to the 1-day suspension or impose a suspension of multiple days.

Besides the one-day suspension, Framingham Police are recommending if the 700 Worcester Road establishment stays open during the license suspension, that all alcohol be covered or removed from the premises.

And Police are recommending the length and reason for the suspension be posted prominently at 700 Worcester Rd. 

ben matherson June 24, 2014 at 11:57 AM
I'm guessing alcohol poisoning or something more serious for this to have been brought to Police attention as I see college students leaving O'Connell's all the time liquored up.
D Penta June 24, 2014 at 12:43 PM
That's too bad on O'Connell's. I thought they had a good system there busing the students from Framingham State to the pub, so they didn't drink and drive. Guess they forgot they still have to walk from the bus to their dorm.


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