The Bone Has a New Look, Thanks to Spike TV

A popular hangout for many adult sports teams and locals, The Chicken Bone got a makeover thanks to Spike TV and its new reality show Bar Rescue.

Regulars, and a few who justed wanted a chance to be on television, lined up outside waiting to see what a Spike TV's new reality show Bar Rescue had done with Framingham's .

The television show shut down the popular downtown establishment for about 48 hours in mid-June and then had a reveal party for the owner, staff, regulars and area residents.

“I hope they didn’t take down the mural," said regular Jim LeClair, waiting in line outside before the grand re-opening.

Jim Olimette agreed. "It was a huge mural that started in the back and went along the neighboring wall all the way up to the door.” 

The mural was removed by the television show, but owner Bill Rodenhiser, the owner of The Bone said “I am so excited to hear what people hav said it was not destroyed.

Not only was the inside given an update, the menu was also given a makeover.

"We will have a Chicken Bone throwback menu night and a vote to see what the crowd likes more," said Rodenhiser.

While Framingham Patch was granted exclusive access to the "reveal" party by producers of the television show, we were not allowed to run this article until the television crew completed the makeover of a second establishment in Framingham at the end of June. The filming of The Bone is expected to air in August. The show Bar Rescue will premiere on Spike TV on July 17.

The Chicken Bone has been a staple in Framingham as “a great place to get bluesy and listen to some wonderful new bands,” said Jodi Olimette, on "reveal night."

Jeff Lowe, another long-time customer and good friend of Rodenhiser said “it's a place where a lot of blues artists have gotten their start, but it’s fun to see all the changes the place has gone through.”

“I miss the mural, but this is a real step up,” said Brian Fillios.

Jennifer Toth said she like the name "The Bone," as many people already call it that. She wasn't happy the mural was gone, and questioned why the bathroom situation was unchanged. "There's still just one (stall for women)," she said. Toth is a member of Framingham Community Theatre, who like to frequent 'the Bone" after performances.

Loring Barnes, another regular, said she was surprised there were no giveaways for a "reveal party." She, and a few others, expected the television show to provide samples of the new menu items to patrons.

Barnes said she was disappointed that the mural was covered with "tan paint and painted feathers." The Chicken Bone's iconic animated chicken was replaced with a silhouette of a blue chicken playing a trombone.

And while Barnes liked the new name "The Bone" as "regulars have used it for years" she said the slogan didn't match the reveal "Chicken and Tunes." There was no music on "reveal" night, due to copyright issues and the filming of the TV Show. A two-person band did show up to play after 12:30 a.m., after filming was completed.

Barnes said the "wings were improved and the beer is '8 degrees colder,' but no wine at a bar?  Hello?"

Barnes, like Toth, was disappointed the "desperate bathrooms were left untouched."

Happy to see the new floor, she was surprised the feet on the bar stools were not changed as they were "scratching the new floor," said Barnes.

Regular Greg Peverill-Conti of Natick, who also happens to be the FourSquare Mayor of The Chicken Bone attended reveal night with his wife. She liked the new "blue" cocktails on the menu. The Bone's signature colors are now blue and tan. He said he liked the new floor, but again was disappointed to see the mural gone.

Despite the changes, many regulars said they will return to "The Bone."

Want to check out The Bone's new look and menu? The Missy Maxfield Project will perform at from 8 p.m. to midnight tonight. The band is a musical blend of rock, classic rock, blues, southern rock, pop and a splash of country.

Rich August 30, 2011 at 03:39 PM
Now that this show has aired, I would be curious to know if the owner really moved his family 75 miles away or was that some sort of realty TV exaggeration?


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