Framingham Could See More Snow Saturday

Meteorologists aren't committing yet, but a few inches of snow could fall Saturday night.

It's been nice and warm all week (well, relatively), but that's all going to change this weekend.

Meteorologists from Boston TV networks all agree the temperatures are going to drop. They all also agree we will probably get some snow Saturday.

They don't, however, agree how much snow.

Terry Eliasen, WBZ-TV Executive Weather Producer , explained the reasons for this in his blog post last night:

What do you do when the model you have trusted like your best friend, the one that guided you through the Blizzard of 2013 consistently says, “no big deal,” while several other weather models, like an annoying group of “cool kids” on the playground are screaming at you: ”We have changed our minds, there is a big storm coming this weekend, trust us!”

So while, Eliasen hasn't decided whether he's going to stick with his 'best friend' or join the 'cool kids,' other weather forecasters have.

Our 'best friend' Pete Bouchard, 7NEWS Chief Meteorologist , has his opinion: 

The only thing that may give us some small accumulation is a little whip of snow on the western side of the storm. I've been in this business long enough to know that while you CAN get burned on a flare-up of snow, it's still rare and uncommon in situations like this.

Harvey Leonard, one of the 'cool kids' at WCVB Channel 5 , is thinking the storm is going to be bigger.

A few inches are likely , but more is possible. 

Regardless of how the storm tracks, temperatures are going to drop Saturday night. All three meteorologists have temperatures Sunday and Monday staying at or below 30 degrees. 


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