20 Tips for a Successful Yard Sale in Framingham

Here is some advice from experts on how to get the most cash for your stuff by hosting the ultimate garage or yard sale.

Make some cash by combining your spring cleaning with a successful garage or tag sale in Framingham with these tips from garage sale experts.

1) Sell on Saturday
Author and host of former PBS show Collect This! Aaron LaPedis is known as the "Garage Sale Millionaire." LaPedis says after more than two decades of success he has learned that Saturday is the day to host a successful garage sale.

2) Get a team together
Good planning starts with getting a team of family and friends together to help the day of the sale. “You’ll need someone to go out early in the morning and put up all your signage and a couple of people to be ready to open and work the sale.”

3) Check restrictions
Check your community's regulations for any restrictions before planning your garage sale, says LaPedis.

The Town of Framingham does not require a yard sale permit. There is no limit on the number of yard sales, but you can NOT hold one every week!

4) Start early
LaPedis says veteran garage sale buyers will be out early in the morning looking for signs so plan to start your sale “as soon as the sun is up.”

5)  Sell with your neighbors
Amy Barley is a Coldwell Banker realtor and mom of two. Ever year she helps plan and manage her large neighborhood’s annual garage sale. Multifamily and neighborhood sales will draw more buyers and Barley says her neighborhood’s is now so popular that “other developments contact me to make sure their sale does not conflict with ours!”  

6) Safety first
Barley says, “Safety is often overlooked at garage sales. Make sure you take cash only. Use a fanny pack for collecting money and giving change and go in your house and empty it a few times as you collect lots of money. Do not allow anyone in your home for any reason.”

7.) Save your big ticket items for eBay or Craigslist or even Framingham Patch. Post your dining room furniture or that Little Tikes playhouse here on Framingham Patch.

8) Lots of good signage is key to a successful sale
LaPedis makes up to 20 signs using large pieces of white foam board or cardboard which he puts out very early on the morning of the sale. He says to include your address and the cross street, and to specifiy if it is a multifamily sale and if you are offering popular sale items including children’s toys and clothes, furniture and collectibles. At the entrances to your neighborhood, add arrows for buyers to follow to the sale. Buy supplies to make signs at AC Moore at Shoppers World.

9) Use social media and Framingham Patch to get out the word
List your sale for free on Framingham Patch! Use your Facebook page to promote the sale and recruit friends to help you work the sale and sell their stuff as well. LaPedis says, “the more items you have to sell, the more people will stop to check out the sale.” 

10)  Price everything in advance & be willing to negotiate on everything
Barley says the most successful garage sales are those that price everything in advance. But remember that people will expect to bargain for less than the posted price.  LaPedis even says, “don’t bother pricing any item under $15. Ask the buyer what they are willing to pay and you’ll have more power and flexibility that way.”

11) Don’t sell anything unsafe or recalled
Don’t sell anything that is potentially unsafe, including “drop-down” style cribs, says LaPedis. You can check the recalls.gov site that provides recall information from six government agencies. 

12) Get them to stop and park
Put “big ticket” and popular items such as TVs at the front of the sale near the street says LaPedis to get buyers to “stop, park and shop.”

13) Keep off the grass
Use tarps and tables instead. You can purchase tarps at local hardware stores, including Robinsons Hardware in Saxonville and Monnick Supply in South Framingham.

14)  Limit “holds”
Don’t offer to hold items for a buyer “for more than 45 minutes, or have the buyer put enough money down that he or she is sure to come back,” LaPedis says.

15)  Offer free coffee or lemonade to get shoppers to linger longer. Dunkin Donuts offers a box of fresh brewed coffee to go with cups, cream and sugar included.

16)  Put out a power strip attached to an extension cord so you can demonstrate electronic items work to potential buyers. You can purchase extension cords and power strips at  Robinsons Hardware in Saxonville and Monnick Supply in South Framingham. Or try Lowe's on Route 30.

17)  Negotiate like a pro
LaPedis says if you let the buyer speak first and indicate what he or she is willing to pay for an item, you are far more likely to get more for it.

18)  Display like a store
LaPedis says use your fence to hang clothes on if you don’t have racks and group items such as toys or electronics together to make it easier for buyers to shop.

19)  Use fanny packs with lots of change
Do not use cash boxes, says LaPedis. The people helping you at the sale should all have fanny packs with lots of change instead. “Assume every buyer will pay with a twenty dollar bill.” Get rolls of quarters and small bills from TDBank, MutualOne or Middlesex Savings Bank.

20) Stay firm before noon, then get generous to move items out
LaPedis says most buyers will arrive early so you can afford to be firmer with prices before noon but be more flexible in the afternoon so you have fewer items to haul away for donation at the end of the day. Unsold items can be donated locally to Salvation Army Thrift Store or St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Shop.


TELL US: What was the best thing you ever bought at a garage or tag sale? Share your awesome buy in the comment section below.

Kevin Mullen May 24, 2013 at 12:34 PM
I'd definitely suggest listing them on Craigslist as well. Great way to attract lots of people and include a few teaser images. Be sure to clearly list your address so anyone browsing it can quickly look up directions.


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