How do you know when it’s time to go?

More about the process of selling your home and moving on..

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” ~source unknown

I’ve been asked time and time again by homeowners, “When should I sell?”  And the answer is different each time because the right time for each of us varies, depending on our own personal circumstances.

Many people are under the false impression that they must sell their house in the spring, partially due to the real estate industry’s emphasis on the “spring market”.  It is a phrase that is widely used to refer to the end of the dreary New England winter in late March and early April when spirits are high and the melting of the ice and snow brings new hope, renewed energy and new life. Along with it, many new homes are put up for sale. Trouble is, there are many new homes for sale!

 So in the competitive spring market, how will your house compare to all the other homes for sale, the one around the corner, down the street or perhaps, right next door.  Your neighbor has been talking about moving for a while now…

And how many qualified buyers will be there to snatch up this building inventory? Will interest rates be as desirable as they are right now? Will prices have increased, stabilized or dropped again as many in the industry now predict? How will the global economy impact the sale of your home, the availability of mortgage money?

  I certainly don’t know the answer to these questions and for most homeowners, these questions are not the most important ones you should be asking yourself or your Realtor®.

Regardless of the season, ask yourself these questions instead;

  • Am I truly happy here, or are the memories of the past keeping me from moving on?
  • Can I afford this home, the mortgage, the taxes, the necessary upkeep and repairs?
  • Does the size of this house fit my needs and my family, is it too big or too small? 
  • How does living here impact my quality of life, is it too remote, too urban, too high maintenance?
  • Is living near family and close friends an important factor in my decision to stay or move?
  • How far do I want to commute to work every day?
  • Is the community, the culture, the personality of the town I select, one that I feel comfortable with?
  • Would a home of a different style, size, price range, town, climate, landscape better suit my budget, my age, my physical condition, my lifestyle, my dreams?

 In truth, most of us know when it’s time to go, we just need a little convincing, a lot of emotional support and in most cases, a handyman, some serious de-cluttering combined with a carefully orchestrated yard sale.

 Spring market is long past and the somewhat sluggish summer market proved to be surprisingly successful for many sellers this year, especially those with in-ground pools.  Lots of savvy buyers have taken advantage of the reasonable list prices and the astoundingly low interest rates.

 We are now entering the fall market and we all know that homes in New England photograph extremely well amidst a backdrop of colorful autumn leaves.  Yard sale season is fast approaching.  The Foliage, soccer and football games, tailgating, pumpkin fairs, Halloween haunted houses and Thanksgiving gatherings are all better in New England, so is there a better time to try and sell your home? 

 Ask me in December.




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