Obama Violates His Oath of Office by Selectively Failing to Enforce the Law - My Response

By choosing to selectively enforce the law, President Obama is failing to live up to the oath of office he took when he was inaugurated.


President Barack Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,
Washington, DC 20500

"More efficient, more fair, and more just" or easier to game and more open to fraud? Your executive order suspending deportations of illegal aliens under 31 years of age who were brought here before the age of 16 will apply to as many as 2 million people and will overwhelm DHS's ability to identify fraudulent applicants, including terrorists as well as criminals.

Your amnesty is akin to placing a dagger in the back of every one of the 20 million Americans who cannot find a full-time job. It makes it much more difficult for these Americans to find the jobs they desperately need and it increases the hardships they and their families face. It also hurts the many currently unemployed and underemployed legal immigrants and their families. How is this fulfilling the duties necessary of a President of the United States?

With this one action, you have let down millions upon millions of Americans who were depending on you for a better life. Instead of helping to give these Americans a chance at a better life, you have given illegal aliens a chance at a better life. Is this really the message you want to send the American people in the run up to the November elections?

You have rewarded those who have broken America's laws while punishing those who have not. Way to go.

I hope that some day you will become circumspect enough to take to heart the following words of President Calvin Coolidge, spoken when he was President of the Massachusetts State Senate:

"We need a broader, firmer, deeper faith in the people; A faith that men desire to do right, that the Commonwealth is founded upon a righteousness which will endure, a reconstructed faith that the final approval of the people is given not to demagogues, slavishly pandering to their selfishness, merchandising with the clamor of the hour, but to statesmen, ministering to their welfare, representing their deep, silent, abiding convictions."

 Unable to comprehend your actions,

Mr. J. Bruce Gabriel

Note: I thank NumbersUSA, a non partisan immigration watchdog group for their help in writing this letter.

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Collette Desmaris January 28, 2014 at 03:43 AM
Hello Bruce - I have just read this letter that you sent to Obama, and I want to thank you for stepping forward and doing so. I am preparing a letter for him as well - my premise is identical to yours but I am addressing Obama's failure to call for an immediate investigation of the NSA after Snowden tipped us all off about their illegal mass surveillance. The NSA violated the First and Fourth Amendments - and Obama at once violated his oath of office by neglecting to protect and uphold those Amendments. I just read a Scientific American article dated 1/20/2014 titled, "Obama Stands Fast on Intelligence Gathering But Promises More Oversight." It refers to his recent speech wherein he "made no apologies for the NSA's work." He has even invented a new descriptor for their illegal mass surveillance - he now calls it "signals intelligence" and "intelligence gathering" - as though that makes it acceptable! Sadly, Bruce - you and I are part of a minority who are passionate about our country, and who care enough to step up and take a stand for what we believe in. I find it unthinkable not to. I want to share with you, a short essay I wrote when I participated in campaigning for Ron Paul in 2012. People asked our group, "Why do you bother to campaign for him? He won't win - why do you waste your time?" My answer was easy: "it's never a waste of my time to stand up for someone who stands up for our freedom." This essay encompasses how our entire team felt - I believe that you will relate to it: "The probability that we may fail in the struggle, ought not to deter us from the support of a cause that we believe to be just; it shall not deter me. I feel the passion for the cause within me; and it saddens me that the cause for my country has been deserted by many within it. Here; without contemplating consequences, those who are with me join me, in swearing eternal fidelity to the cause that is so just, as we deem it; for the land of our lives, our liberties; and our love. Let none falter who knows he is right - and we may succeed. But if after all, we shall fail - let it be so. We still shall proudly know in our hearts; and can say to our country's dear departed Freedom, that the Cause approved of our judgement; and adored us and our hearts for taking a stand. In the disaster that will prevail when Freedom departs us - we shall still stand strong because we know that we never faltered in defending. We will go down fighting for what we believed in. Let it not be said we did nothing." In closing, most Americans have no idea how perilously close we are to complete fascism. How do we effectively engage them; short of taking away the idiotic cable television most of them are plugged into? When will they draw the line and say, "Enough!"? Sincerely, Collett Desmairis


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