Let America be America Again

Senator Brown's ad frames the upcoming election perfectly: "What do you want America to be?"

Rarely does a political ad put an election into such clear perspective as Scott Brown’s new ad, "Let America be America Again."

If you haven't seen this piece, it's worth a few moments to see for yourself.

In summary, the message from Senator Brown is that the bi-partisan approach to the American economic system over the past 50 years has dramatically changed under President Obama, and raises the real question of this election: "What do we want America to be?"

In the piece, President after President, Democrats and Republicans - Kennedy, Johnson, Clinton, Ford and Reagan – extol the virtues of the American value of free enterprise, and the special, but unsung, entrepreneurial heroes who have taken the risk of starting a business, creating jobs, building an unmatched economic system, and investing in the future of the nation. 

For too long, we had taken this for granted, as if our dynamic economic system was an American "right." We know different today.

Now we have President Obama attacking that very economic system, belittling the risk takers and entrepreneurs, and claiming that government is the real foundation upon which the American economy and individual success are based. 

It's a startling claim – and strongly seconded by Elizabeth Warren – because it is so distinctly opposed to the values upon which America was founded, and from which the nation has prospered. More significantly, it represents a complete reversal of the mainstream Democrat values and expectations of all Americans so iconically declared by JFK in his 1960 inaugural address.

Over 50 years have passed since then, and the country is now in a far different place. Many people are wondering, "How did we get here?" and more importantly, "Is this where we want America to be?"

This is why the upcoming election is first, last and only all about President Obama, and his vision for the future of America: 

  • It’s not about whether you "like" him or not, it’s about whether you agree with his view of the American economic system with its dependency on government, and not the 43 Presidents who preceded him.
  • It's whether you believe in the greatness of free enterprise, or believe that the people should be increasingly subjugated by, and indentured to government.
  • It's about whether you see the freedom of the individual as an inalienable right, or that you are more comfortable with increasing government limits on individual achievement.
  • It’s about whether you really want a country where "We the people" are to be served by government, or if you prefer a government-centric state free to increasingly confiscate and redistribute your personal property.
  • It's about whether you see equality of opportunity as synonymous with guaranteed equality of result, earned or unearned.

My last three blogs have focused on Unenrolled voters and their need to focus on the real issue ("What do we want America to be for our children and grandchildren?"), and not the silly and distracting sideshows and negative ads that insult and deceive us, and pollute the entire election process.

What it all comes down to is this, Presidents and other elected officials can, and often should be replaced.

America cannot.

So, what do you want America to be?

Senator Brown says, "Let America be America Again."

What do you say?

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David Nolta August 02, 2012 at 03:20 AM
When you call for "moral turpitude" you are in fact calling for degeneracy--this is not a spelling error, but a far more serious and very telling indication of your disregard for logic, clarity, and a minimal respect for accuracy and education. Deval Patrick is not a traitor. But I truly believe that Karl Rove and Dick Cheney were, and under any of the presidents Jim is nostalgic for, they would have been tried as such. Jim H., your latest essay is, as one would expect, nicely-written and provocative, but you might--I mean this in the friendliest way imaginable--want to be careful about what you identify as expansive. Honestly, I have your interests at heart here, though I continue to disagree with most of what you say--for example, I find that President Obama is very much in the Kennedy tradition of caring for the disenfranchised via his support for civil rights and social programs And there were a LOT of bad things about the America many of you romanticize and miss--there was great injustice, mistreatment of minorities, injustice to women, exploitation of the poor, hegemonic and self-serving tax laws which benefitted the rich, etc. So many of these things still exist, which is perhaps why the Republican candidate looks as liberal, after all, as he does, and why Obama remains the only choice for those who work so hard to keep this country the America we love.
Jim Hatherley August 02, 2012 at 11:38 AM
David, thank you for the compliment which I appreciate very much. Here's where I would take some exception. Since JFK there have been 50 years of affirmative action (State sponsored discrimination), an alleged, but grossly expensive/expansive, war on poverty, Title iX, ADA, tons of social legislation etc., etc., as we continue to talk as if all of these entitlements had never occurred, or that there was no obligation to move forward in a self sustaining mode as a result. Instead, all this has done is create a dependency on government free stuff which we cannot afford, and a walk-on-eggshell culture that requires political correctness and not candor. Instead of appealing to the highest common denominator, we are fooling ourselves by thinking we can succeed in a global environment by lowering standards. In the past 50 years this Country has gone off the track in terms of virtue and values and morality, and the concept of ME vs. We. Not liking Obama is not racist as too many want to claim, it a statement that the President is about setting the course and leading. I believe he has set the wrong path and has failed to lead.
Joe Rizoli August 02, 2012 at 05:28 PM
Thanks you David for correcting my bad choice of words. It should have been moral "fortitude", in other words, courage to stand up to all the things I mentioned.  Since you bring up Kennedy I though it might be interesting how he would have felt about Illegal Immigration the way we have it now. When Kennedy lived I always thought that he was in favor of EUROPEAN immigration. I really don't think he would have fallen for the South American tidal wave we have now. His brother Ted was completly naive when he was behind the 1965 immigration Act. Everything he stated that was NOT to happen happened. So thta's why as to that issue I have that opinion. Joe Rizoli
Joe Rizoli August 03, 2012 at 04:14 AM
One more point that Jim R had in a video link on famous speeches. JFK gave a speech that I believe ultimately lead to his death. That speech exposed secret conspiracies, a media takeover, a Governmental conspiracy that is going on right now.  It also, I believe talked about the connection we have to foreign influence in our Government that hasn't gotten any better, that is the Israeli power in America.   All this talk about Republicans, Democrats bla bla bla is just giving you all opportunity to blow off stream, keep you busy thinking you can change things, but in reality our country has been hijacked by evil wicked men who through the means that Kennedy had talked about control our future.  Romney showed us who really runs America by visiting Israel. His visit there wasn't for no reason. WHY would An America running for president vist Israel? Think about it.  Those are the players in Americas future people. What Israel did to Romney is what The Pope does to people that vist Rome. They made Romney kiss israel's ring, or should I really bluntly say israel's a@@.   Unless America kowtowers to Israel NO president will be in office. If he is in office long enough to expose all of this then those in control, as Kennedy mentioned, will do there best to fix things their way. That's my take of all this politics stuff. It's not the fluff you all are talking about. It's the real deal. We are living the movie The Truman Show.  Joe Rizoli  
Colleen S. September 26, 2012 at 03:24 PM
"Let America Be America Again" is the title of a poem by Langston Hughes. I wonder if Scott Brown knows that.


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