Framingham Native a Super Hero in NYC

A Framingham native founded and owns his own non-profit organization called Superheroes Anonymous.

Chaim Lazaros said he is also known as 'Life," as he is a 'Real Life Superhero."

He told radio station WBUR he dresses in his own "unique superhero persona and goes out and do acts of good."

Originally from Framingham, he has been living in New York City for about a dozen years.

"I go out and I give homeless people toothbrushes, socks, underwear, a little bit of love, listen to their stories if they want to talk - that type of thing," he told WBUR.

He owns a non-profit organization called Superheroes Anonymous.

Originally founded in 2007 by Ben Goldman and Lazaros as an annual conference for superheroes, Superheroes Anonymous has since become the legitimate face of the Real Life Superhero movement – bringing superheroes together in the real world to affect positive change, according to its website.

"We hold lots of workshops throughout the city, try to teach people how to become their own superhero and generally try to spread this message of “iconic altruism” or “creative altruism.” So that’s it. That’s what I do," he told WBUR.

The first meeting of Superheroes Anonymous was held in October 2007 in Times Square, where superheroes met for the first time and helped the homeless, cleaned up the streets and patrolled the area doing random acts of kindness. It was the first such meeting of its kind and attracted widespread media attention, most notably from The New York Times.

The second annual conference took place in New Orleans. The third annual conference was held in New Bedford, aka “The Secret City,” on Labor Day weekend 2009.

Chaim told the BBC "Real Life Superheroes realize that they don’t have super-powers but like Batman they are ordinary people who have goals and create tools to help them achieve their ambitions.

“They’re not delusional - they know that they're humans with limited abilities. But any human if he's focused enough, like Batman, could train himself and can get all sorts of tools and toys to help them in going out there and doing good," he added.

Chaim believes anybody can be a Real Life Superhero.


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