When Finding Exercising Time is Challenging, Set New Goal

Getting back into your workout after summer vacation

Let’s face it, there are times when exercise is convenient, and there are times when there is simply too much going on to keep up with your weekly routine of getting to the gym.  What is there to do when time is of concern?  The answer is simple, SET A NEW GOAL.  If you set a short term goal, you are more likely to achieve it (vs. not having the goal) based on your plan of action for a limited period of time.

  1.  Take a good look at your schedule with work, family, kids, recreation.  See where fitness is going to fit in and pencil in your weekly days and times.  It may be before or after the kids are up, but schedule it in either way.
  2. Seek guidance from a personal trainer, coach.  Safety is so important when training in any new fitness activity.
  3. Find a friend to set a goal with.  Accountability is huge when sticking to a plan and achieving anything.
  4. Sign up for an event or new workout plan for 4-12 weeks away.  Some examples are: getting you into a local charity road race, joining a new indoor cycling program, or completing a workout DVD series.  Whatever the goal may be, get yourself committed by a certain date so that you can start executing your plan.
  5. Once you have a goal, and have signed up for something new, work with your coach, trainer or buddy on a training appointment schedule.  You will stick to your plan if it is appointment based like any other commitment you have.
  6. Seek out expert advice from someone that has completed the EXACT task you seek to do.  If you are doing a 5K, work with an experienced runner that knows safety and training sequencing.  If your goal is to join a class setting and you feel deconditioned, try a personal trainer or workout with a buddy in a home gym setting first, building your confidence, strength and stamina.
  7. Always seek medical advice before starting any exercise program.  Know your exact limitations before starting your program.
  8. Remember that falling “off plan” is always OK.  Your short term goal (maybe a long term one too) is right there in front of you. Get right back on your schedule of workouts, rest, and healthy eating for a lifetime of health and wellness!  Your goal accomplishment will be another step in that direction of GREAT HEALTH.


Songs to get you Motivated:

Tongue Tied   - Grouplove

Lights - Ellie Goulding

Want U Back - Cher Lloyd

I will Wait - Mumford & Sons

It's Time - Imagine Dragons

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James Feudo August 27, 2012 at 07:57 PM
Leah, great post and suggestions. All your advice is important, but you're spot on with the changing your goal and routine regularly. I think additionally, it's important to know what works for you. Last year, I joined a gym and went religiously. I arranged my schedule so I could go every day (I had a 6 day program plus an extra day of cardio). I found that creating a streak was the best motivator for me - I went every day for nearly 4 months (missed it by a few days). But not wanting break my streak motivated me to plan accordingly so i wouldn't miss a workout. Eventually, my schedule filled up more and I found even 5 days to be a challenge so I let my membership run out. But now I'm thinking of re-joining, but with fewer days in mind. So that also translates to a different set of goals (and expected results). Your article's timing is great as it got back to thinking about all of this and to realize that a smaller goal is better than no goal.
Samantha McGarry September 04, 2012 at 05:56 PM
Great post. I'm a working Mom and finding the time to exercise regularly is my favorite excuse. Because, quite frankly, I'd rather not be exercising. At my core I'm lazy! But I understand why I need to and I do enjoy it when I do it. Of late, I've been meeting a friend for morning walks and the accountability is what makes it actually happen. Until I find another excuse (like today - the rain!) I blogged a while back about my yo-yo exercise tendencies - feel free to check it out at http://samanthamcgarry.wordpress.com/2012/05/19/confessions-of-a-yo-yo-exerciser/
Leah Ammon September 10, 2012 at 11:17 PM
I hope you both found a way to work out a new routine...planning, scheduling your workouts are key. Once its a routine it gets easier!!!


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