Oh My: Cat, Thermometer Trigger Exaggerated Responses

In other unusual police news, police had to help a woman find a commonly used button in her car.

Sure, blame it on the cat. No, really. 

Door alarms at a senior housing complex in Medfield were going off like crazy this week, prompting a response from both the police and fire departments. The culprit? A cat that apparently pulled a fire alarm in one of the apartments.

This log entry does nothing to combat stereotypes about female drivers.

An officer responded to a report of an erratic operator on Route 9 in Shrewsbury.

Well, it was a hazardous materials response...technically..

We at Patch jumped to attention this week when we received a breaking news alert that Westwood emergency responders were heading to the scene of a hazardous materials spill. Is anyone in danger, we wondered? Are roads blocked? We must get this information, stat!

The emergency was a broken thermometer. In someone's home. 


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