Oh My: Drunk Latin Speaker, Energetic Litterbug

We report the quirky and strange police news from across the region.

Well, that's just not right..

 She said when she opened the door, it appeared someone had urinated there.

I thought Latin wasn't a spoken language, anyway?

Shrewsbury police received a request to do a well-being check in their town. A man wanted them to check on his girlfriend, who It turned out that the woman was fine.

Perhaps The Hulk was in town?

I was trying to figure out which superhero always ends up naked when transformed into his human self. Google tells me it's the Hulk. Now I can explain why I needed to know this: Worcester police reported to Shrewsbury police that a man with no clothes on was attempting to jump off the bridge in their town. Police were unable to locate the man. Maybe they should have been looking for The Hulk.

This litterbug should have used some of his (or her) newfound energy to search for a trash can.

The officer went to the home of the person listed on the registration for the license plate; no one was home. Police left a message for the person to call them.

There is more than one way to catch a pig.

A message was left for the Animal Control officer.


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