Oh My: Morning Mower, Phantom Screamer

We report the wacky and unusual police news from the region.

When a man's gotta mow, a man's gotta mow.

In Northborough, a man called the cops on his neighbor, who was outside mowing his lawn at 5:49 a.m. Police responded. The mower went inside.

Just grillin' it up at the Econo.

Police were advised the men were simply cooking on a grill and staying at the Econo Lodge.

You're in the police station, posing for your mug shot. What would be your expression of choice?

There wasn't one particular crime in Natick that caught the attention of OMG PD this week—but the mug shots did. Each week, Natick Police post an "arrest sheet," featuring the booking photos of all those arrested in the past seven days. I've never had my mug shot taken, but my guess is my eyes would be all puffy and it'd appear if I'd been crying. Because I would have been crying, on account of my getting arrested. See for yourself.

The case of the phantom screamer.

Milford police responded to a noise complaint late Thursday night, but were unable to locate the noise. Ten minutes later, they returned to the area for a second complaint. The caller reported that "once the cops left, screaming started again." Police checked and everything seemed OK.

En route to the salon, by way of this building.

No one was injured, but the woman's car did go right through the wall. The woman was reportedly on her way to a hair salon in the plaza that houses the now-damaged building.


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