5 Things You Need To Know Today: Feb. 10 Post-Blizzard Edition

Tips from Framingham Fire and MEMA, Sunday church services, trash collection, school update, clean off roofs, shovel hydrants and Framingham Police is now tweeting on Twitter all featured in today's column.

Our daily column, 5 Things You Need to Know Today, will help you to get your day started and offer you some fodder for water cooler conversation.

1. The driving ban was lifted - as of 4 p.m. Saturday - and .

Also while the main roads are in great shape, side roads and off ramps are still slippery. The Framingham DPW and the private plows have done a good job, but both still need time to move these feet of snow.

Some church services have been cancelled and some are on. Framingham Patch has been compiling closings, opening, postponed event and cancelled events in a Storm Central report. Click here to check to see if your Sunday event is on.

Framingham Patch will update our Storm Central throughout Sunday. We are checking with DPW about trash collection and the School on whether they will be open Monday.

2. The Blizzard of 2013 is over, but the clean up is not. Many are still shoveling out cars, driveways, etc. Please take breaks when shoveling and keep your health in mind.

3. And some advice from Framingham Fire:

  • Don't forget to shovel out fire hydrants.
  • Shovel out vents from your homes to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Make sure the batteries are working in your CO detectors and if you don't have one one on every floor, go purchase them.

4. The National Weather Service says Framingham, unofficially, received more than 30 inches of snow. (It was a measurement by a ham radio operator and not an official trained spotter.)

And now the weather forecasters are saying Framingham and MetroWest may get rain tomorrow, Feb. 11. That is bad news for many roofs. The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, headquartered in Framingham, has some great advice on how to clean your roof. Click here for the tips.


5. Last week, Framingham Police started using Twitter to update residents. During the storm, they were tweeting and posting photos. Framingham Police's photo of Memorial Hall parking lot being dug out is our featured photo today.

We suggest residents follow Framingham Police on Twitter at https://twitter.com/FraminghamPD

And don't forget to follow Framingham Patch on Twitter and sign up for our breaking news alert.

We will use these alerts if school is cancelled on Monday. Framingham Patch readers were the first to know Framingham Public Schools were cancelled with our Thursday breaking news alert.


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