Car Stolen From Framingham, Pulled from Hopkinton Lake

Just after 9 a.m. officers and firefighters responded to a report of a submerged car.

When you go to the lake you might expect to see ducks, boats and even fishermen; what one kayaker discovered this morning was a bit different.

A submerged vehicle was found at the boat ramp on Whitehall Reservoir and the Hopkinton Police and Fire Departments jumped in to action.

“We responded and called the dive team,” Fire Chief Ken Clark said. “When they responded the water was pretty dark but they were able to check for people inside the vehicle.”

When no one was found the divers secured the vehicle and a crew from Art’s eventually towed it out.

According to the State Police the vehicle had been reported stolen from Framingham. It appeared to have been abandoned in to the water where it sat overnight.

“It could have been something much worse,” Officer Gregg DeBoer said. “It could have been a suicide or homicide or someone could have gotten stuck when they were putting it in the water.”


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