Duck Mistaken for Bat, Blister Prompts 'Disturbance'

Also in unusual police news, a dog was interrupted from doing his business.

Dog charges at human. Wait, no, correction: human charges at dog.

Dogs are often getting flak for running after humans, but in this case, it's a human that was accused of "charging at" a dog (and his owner.) A man who was walking his dog in Holliston this week called police after a homeowner allegedly charged at him while his dog was relieving himself on a fire hydrant. 

If it looks like a bat, flies like a bat, sounds like a bat: it's a duck.

Dover police officers were called to a resident's house recently after the resident heard what she thought was a bat in her fireplace. Police responded, checked out the fireplace, and found not a bat, but a duck. The duck was removed.

File this under "unusual reasons for a disturbance."

Milford police received a call this week for a disturbance involving a man and a woman arguing. . Presumably, one of the parents was arguing against popping the blister, as experts say you should leave 'em alone.


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