Fetherston Campaign Signs Stolen ... Again

The Committee to Elect Jon Fetherston to the 7th Middlesex District Representative seat said more than 20 signs, at $8.54 each, were stolen this month; signs were stolen last month too.

Another 21 Jon Fetherston signs for state representative have been stolen this week. The signs were stolen in Ashland.

Fetherston, who lives in Ashland, is a Republican challenger to State Rep. Tom Sannicandro, who also lives in Ashland. The 7th Middlesex District seat represents Ashland and six precincts in Framingham.

This is the second time a large amount of Fetherstone signs have gone missing.

the thievery came close to a full halt.
However, this was only a reprieve as some areas of Ashland have lost signs
almost as quickly as they have been replaced, said Terry Hendrix, campaign manager for Jon Fetherston and a member of the Ashland Republican Committee.

Hendrix said the Committee does not know who is taking the signs, valued at $8.54 each.

The amount of property taken or destroyed has long since become a felony and
a violation of Massachusetts Election laws. It is unlawful to remove or alter
legally placed political material, said Hendrix.

There are only 40 days remaining before the November election. fetherstone recently challenged Sannicandro to a handful of debates.

If anyone notices any suspicious activity, please contact the Ashland Police Department.


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