Framingham Man Tried To Scam Electric Company for $243,102

The Framingham man was arrested in Leominster as part of a large scam to defraud Con Edison electric company in New York, according to Leominster Police.

A Framingham man was arrested Monday, as part of a large scam to defraud the Con Edison electric company in New York, reported the Sentinel and Enterprise newspaper in Fitchburg.

John Lima, 41, of Framingham was arrested in Leominster, when he tried to deposit two stolen checks worth more than $31,000 at a Bank of America on Main Street in Leominster, reported the newspaper.

Police found 19 more checks on Lima, when he was booked. The 21 checks were worth a combined $243,102.49, said Leominster Police Sgt. Mark Amico.

Lima was charged with 21 counts of receiving stolen property valued over $250, two counts of uttering a false check and one count of giving police a false name.


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