Framingham Protester Advised to Stay Away from TransCanada

The Harrington Road dad was arraigned today.

A Framingham man who protested in Westborough last Friday was advised, but not ordered, today that staying away from TransCanada's Northeast Regional Office in Westborough is in his best interests, according to the Westborough District Court criminal clerk's office.

Kenneth Weiss, 35, of 54 Harrington Rd., Framingham was arraigned Tuesday, March 26 by a clerk magistrate, who also offered the advice, the clerk's office said. 

Westborough Police charged Weiss and Linda A. Jenkins, 64, of 189 Charles St., Cambridge with trespassing in the latest Keystone XL Pipeline protest outside the building where TransCanada is, 110 Turnpike Road, Suite 203, for roughly 30 minutes last Friday. 

Veterans For Peace members and others were part of the group.

Weiss faces a June 13 pre-trial conference, the clerk's office said.

Monday, Jenkins was ordered to stay away from the TransCanada building. Her case was continued to May 3.


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