Weather Service Predicting 4-6 Inches of Snow Saturday

National Weather Service predicts reasonably heavy snow throughout much of the day Saturday in Framingham and the rest of southern New England.

The National Weather Service has issued a notice to many areas in southern New England, including the Framingham area, advising residents of an upcoming snowstorm that could leave up to 6 inches on the ground. 

Expected to begin sometime mid-Saturday morning, the storm will move in from the west and snow will accumulate quickly. 

"Snow will accumulate quickly as the ground is already cold," said a release from the National Weather Service. "Untreated surfaces will become slippery quickly. Travelers are encouraged to allow extra time to reach their destinations."

The recently issued a statement advising drivers to be extra cautious during bad weather. 

"Be mindful that wet, icy and snow-covered roads require increased stopping time," said police. "Motorists are advised to drive at speeds appropriate to the weather conditions, significantly slower than they would drive on dry roads, and to keep greater distance than normal between their cars and the cars in front of them. The rule of thumb for dry weather—one car length for every 10 miles per hour of speed—should be increased in inclement weather. Motorists should leave extra time to get to their destination, especially during tomorrow morning’s commute."

The heaviest snow should taper off by mid-afternoon.


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