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You Missed: FACES Concern, Danforth's Lease Plans

FACES appealed to the Board to make safety near the General Chemical site a priority and the Danforth Museum has been granted conditional approval for leasing the Maynard Building.

Here are six things you missed at the selectmen's meeting Tuesday night.

1. Framingham Action Coalition for Environmental Safety (FACES) wants the town to put up bilingual signage, give notifications to neighborhood residents, provide fencing, and make plans for future demolition of the General Chemical properties on Leland Street. FACES expressed concern that children play in and around the property, the property has potential for squatters or inhabitation by homeless people, and there is contaminated water on the property that must be covered.  

“This board has instituted a task force that has been very active in looking at these buildings to develop a plan,” said Board Chairman Charles Sisitsky. The task force includes Board of Selectmen Vice-Chairman Dennis Giombetti.

2. . The petitions are for projects on Maynard Road and Church Street, Edmunds Road and Garvey Road.

3. The Danforth Museum has submitted a proposal for leasing the Jonathan Maynard Building for four years. The Danforth Museum will invest up to $6 million to renovate the building and make a $800,000 in capital investments. Framingham State University will lease the second floor of the building from the Danforth Museum for three years. The Board unanimously voted to grant the Danforth museum conditional approval for their proposal and town manager, Bob Halpin, will form a negotiating committee with a member of the Board of Selectmen, and representatives from the Finance Committee and Real Property Committee.   

4. The Fiscal Year of 2013 Water and Sewer Budget was presented at Tuesday’s meeting. The PowerPoint presentation is available on the Town of Framingham website. The approved budget for the water department is roughly $17 million and $21 million for the sewer department.

5. Incumbent Michael Devlin was voted unanimously to keep his position on the Framingham Union Grants Panel.

6. The Town Meeting schedule for the rest of the summer has been set. Town meeting will take place on: July 10, July 24, Aug. 14, and Aug. 28.

Jim Rizoli June 30, 2012 at 02:45 PM
John....the fixing of Framingham's problems are pretty easy, as are most problems if people just listen to what's going on. People are more concerned with not upsetting people more than fixing the problems. Hate to say it, fixing problems will piss some people off, that's the way it is. The town and many other chose to put their head in the sand....no problem for us. They and all of us will pay for it later in higher taxes,crime and just the quality of ife factor. Jim@ccfiile.com
Jim Rizoli June 30, 2012 at 07:55 PM
Time to expose the FACELESS alliances....... What were they again? Supporting organizations include Toxics Action Center, Conservation Law Foundation, MassCOSH, the Framingham Coalition, the Brazilian Alliance, and three local churches.>> Hmmm.....The Brazilian Alliance seems like one that has an agenda. Going for that pot of Gold..... Jim@ccfiile.com
Ned Price June 30, 2012 at 08:13 PM
The whole discussion about bilingual signs is not the issue Perhaps a skull and crossbones would be enough The school should not have been expanded 14 years ago The pollution must be cleaned up as soon as possible
Jim Rizoli June 30, 2012 at 11:56 PM
Ned.....They don't want Skull and crossbones...that makes too much sense. They have to have signs that people can read in their language. They want to sue GC, and the town is they don't get things done there quickly. They also want to close down the school, which will be part of the game. In regards to getting it cleaned up......they already closed the GC on one side of the street. So what do they want done now......Oh...they want Clean Ventures run out of town to. Gee...anything else you want? I have an idea....How about all you people just move out of town. They will bulldoze your houses and clean the place up the way it should be done. Happy now? I doubt it........ you didn't get any money, and the Brazilians whom your using as an oppressed people won't be able to retire back home in Brazil. Jim@ccfiile.com
Joe Rizoli July 01, 2012 at 12:00 AM
The only time this issue went off the ground was when the Brazilians got on board. They probably won't be staying long if they have to come out of the shadows to expose who they really are. As to the site itself. The school side is on the side of GC, which is completely shut down and secured. Signs are up in other languages. Maybe a skull and crossbones with a soccer ball in its mouth would be an added touch. Hey, why not have a border patrol agent chasing a skull and crossbones character back to the border. I suppose the way the town is going maybe we should get the United Nations to get involved and put up a sign in all the languages of the world. Then again on the Leland/Weld St and that area, maybe that many languages are spoken there, hehehe. Joe Rizoli


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