Bowditch Field Contractor Owes Town $500,000 Worth of Work

Parks and Recreation Director Robert Merusi says the contractor for the $5.5 million Bowditch Field Complex has 13 pages worth of unfinished work still to finish, totalling about $500,000.

Director of Parks and Recreation Robert Merusi has informed architect Kaestle Boos of Foxborough that 13 pages of unfinished work at the Bowditch Field complex is long overdue.

"We have asked our Architect, who oversees the contract specifications and compliance, for an action plan to bring this project to a close. Although residents are getting full use of the facility, we still do not have what we own by contract from the general contractor," said Merusi.

Framingham was issued occupancy of the complex in October 2010, however the general contractor - Seaver Construction - is not progressing to the satisfaction of the Town in closing out the project, said Merusi.

"The project has become administratively cumbersome, as we still have a 13-page punch list remaining," said Merusi.

Masonry work, doors and hardware, sidewalk improvements, ceiling textures, are part of the outstanding work.

The Town has decertified some of the masonry work until such time as the General Contractor can perform certain testing and remedy questionable workmanship and materials.

These items may not be readily apparent to daily users, but the long term value to our Town is at issue, said Merusi in a statement.

Public response about the project has been very positive, but administratively there are standards and quality assurances that need to be met, Mersui said,

The outstanding issues do not interfere with the use of the property, he continued. We have hosted many successful events and continue to meet with potential users, he added.

The Town has not paid the general contractor for any of the outstanding work, which Merusi estimated at about $500,000 of the $5.5 million project.

"We will continue to withhold all amounts legally allowed until we get some results. The bonding company has been notified about the lack of progress," said Merusi.


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