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Dennison Park, Downtown Traffic and Beaver Dam Brook Discussed at Meeting With Rep. Sannicandro

Framingham State Representative Tom Sannicandro met with Town Meeting members from his district and Framingham Downtown Renaissance Director Holli Andrews to talk about key issues in South Framingham.

Framingham Town Meeting members with State Rep. Tom Sannicando. Pictures are Bob Cushing, William LaBarge, Judy Grove, Sannicandro, Frank and Kathleen Demarco.
Framingham Town Meeting members with State Rep. Tom Sannicando. Pictures are Bob Cushing, William LaBarge, Judy Grove, Sannicandro, Frank and Kathleen Demarco.
Framingham State Representative Tom Sannicandro met with Town Meeting Members Framingham Downtown Renaissance Director Holli Andrews to discuss issues in the precincts he presents in Framingham last week.

Sannicandro, a Democrat from Ashland, is one of three state representatives who serve Framingham. He represents  Precincts 8, 13, 14, 16, 17 and 18 in Framingham. 

Sannincadro listed to a presentative by Precinct 15 Town Meeting member Judith Grove on the need to improve Mary Dennison Park.

Sannincadro told those assembled on January 24  he grew up next to the playground on Waverly Street. He recounted many years of working in his father's store and playing in the fields behind it before the Pelham Apartments were built in the 1960's. He told of wading in the Beaver Dam Brook despite his mother’s warnings of it being polluted. 

Grove discussed seeking financial help for Mary Dennison Playground from the Massachusetts State PARC grants.

Since 2003 the Framingham Parks Department has obtained 
$1.6 million for Cushing Memorial Park from this program.

Legislative aide Rebecca Miller for Sannicandro said she would keep the Town Meeting members informed about the application process and deadlines.

Framingham resident Nancie Handy, using diagrams of a pavilion design that could work as a focal point for Mary Dennison Playground, described support she has received for the project, including artistic contributions from all 9,000-plus school children in Framingham. 

Town Meeting member George Lewis, who represents Precinct 18, focused on environmental concerns regarding the extensive wetland areas on the south side of Framingham, by showing photos of rusting cars contaminating Beaver Dam Brook (still polluted) and the flagrant misuse of the land by businesses located along the aqueduct line.

Lewis also spoke of a Camp DiCarlo on Merchant Road, a 65-acre horse farm, that is the home of the National Lancers.

Lewis also discussed Cedar Swamp and its potential for walking paths connecting Waushakum Beach and Farm Pond, with the state representative.

Andrews reviewed her progress toward downtown revitalization.

Town Meeting member William LaBarge addressed the downtown parking problems and the need for better signage and lighting.

Frank and Kathleen Demarco discussed traffic issues related to the railroad 
crossing and Norman Snow remarked that traffic flowed best when there was a person whose job was to regulate the gates.

Rep. Sannicandro reported on the $54 million or more that the Commonwealth is investing in the downtown with the expansion of Mass Bay Community College.

Sannincadro told those assembled he planned to speak with Framingham Town Manager Bob Halpin about the South Framingham issues discussed. He assured residents of his support and will look into grants and other ways to bring out the south side’s untapped potential.
Elsa Aviza January 29, 2014 at 10:15 AM
Thank you Judy and Tom Grove for bringing these issues to the forefront. There is no better advocate for the South side than Representative Tom Sannicandro. Working together as citizens of the town we can restore the South side for the betterment of all the children and adults who call the South side home. So much of our rich history started in the south side. Thank you Judy, Tom and Rep. Sannicandro.


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