Framingham Awarded $400,000 Grant for Cushing Park Improvements, Children's Grove Play Area

Design will begin soon, with construction expected to end in May 2015 for the Cushing Memorial Park improvements.

Children's Grove play area proposed for Cushing Memorial Park.
Children's Grove play area proposed for Cushing Memorial Park.
The Framingham Parks and Recreation Department was awarded a $400,000 reimbursable grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Parkland Acquisitions and Renovations for Communities (PARC) program.

This reimbursement program will offset $400,000 in design and construction costs associated with Phase 5 of improvements to Cushing Memorial Park, as approved by Framingham's Annual Town Meeting in Spring 2013.

Design work is scheduled to begin before the end of 2013.  Construction is expected to be completed in May 2015.

Phase 5 improvements for Cushing Memorial Park are slated to include Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant pathways and park furnishings, gathering area for park users of all ages with appropriate landscaping and tree plantings to enhance the natural setting, interpretive signage, utility support systems, and a children’s grove play area blending formal and natural play elements.

The Commonwealth’s PARC program, formerly called the Urban Self Help, is administered through the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, headed by Secretary Richard K. Sullivan Jr.

Executive Director of Framingham's Parks and Recreation Department Robert Merusi said there is a long history of collaboration between his department and the Commonwealth’s grant programs.

“We’ve worked with the State under multiple grant programs over that past several years, resulting in major improvements to key facilities within the Town," said Merusi, who mentioned specifically Bowditch Athletic and Cultural Complex renovations, Cushing Memorial Park Phases 1-5, Roosevelt Park and Victory soccer fields.

Merusi credits the wisdom, foresight, and continued support of Framingham Town Meeting members and the community as integral to creating and maintaining appropriate public spaces throughout Framingham.

“It is important to recognize our Town Meeting Members for their ability to identify what the community needs and take the appropriate actions required to achieve those goals.," said Merusi.

judith_grove December 03, 2013 at 11:56 AM
It was the Park's Department that identified a "need" for a Children's Grove at Cushing. Now they will get to spend $265,00 of our tax dollars on it. Over 800 residents signed a petition (identified a need) for swings, soccer nets and a skatepark at Mary Dennison Park, an area with 1800 children. The tot lot in this 14 acre park has just 2 baby swings and some climbing structures. THIS IS WHERE THE NEW PLAYGROUND SHOULD BE. The Parks Department needs to get its priorities straight.
Prometheus December 03, 2013 at 12:06 PM
They need to work for the taxpayers....not themselves.


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