2012 Election Guide for Framingham

This year's election will be interesting to watch from the Brown-Warren U.S. senate race to the local state representative races; and 2012 is a presidential election year too.

1. Framingham has three state representatives. First-term representative Chris Walsh, D-Framingham, is running unopposed. State Rep. Tom Sannicandro, D-Ashland, is being challenged by , a Republican. This looks to be a heated race. Framingham's newest state representative Tom Conroy, D-Wayland, who represents precinct 3 in Saxonville is also being challenged by

2. Congressman Ed Markey will have a Republican challenger in the fall. and Frank Addivinola are trying  try to unseat the U.S. Representative, who has held the seat since 1976.

3. One of the hottest political races in the commonwealth is for U.S. Senate between first-term senator Scott Brown and democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren. Both have made visits to Framingham this year and will likely be in town again before you go to vote in November.

4. 2012 is a presidential election year. Incumbent Barack Obama will be challenged by former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

5. For issues, Framingham voters are interested in the economy, jobs creation, education and illegal immigration and the. One of the reasons illegal immigration is a hot-button issue is that the President of the United States' uncle, Onyango Obama, 67, was arrested by

He has since gotten a new driver's license and continues to work at in Framingham.

Framingham is also home to a large Brazilian population; but a study, based on 2007 data, estimated 71 percent of the region's adult Brazilian immigrants were living here illegally.

Ballot: There could be as many as four initiatives on the fall ballot.

Jim Rizoli June 16, 2012 at 03:20 AM
It should be an interesting next five months. Sannincandro is a nice person but has to go, Chris Walsh seems to be concerned and helpful. At least he'll speak with you. Scott Brown at least isn't a liar, and seems concerned. The problem is we get the same old people doing the same old things and nothing gets done. The main issues are put aside and the all "get along" theme reigns supreme. The voters are disillusioned by it all and don't care who gets in and the country continues falls apart. So does it matter who gets in? Apparently not, as the influence that our Reps have seem to be next to nothing in getting things done. But I can't blame them I blame the process. It's specifically made to fail. So we have some tough times ahead and I can't honestly see things getting better. Illegal immigration, jobs, the economy will IMO just get worse unless some drastic measures are taken. It's going to be a rough ride so make sure you can hold on tight. This is where your faith comes in, for those that have any, but not our faith in man, men have already proven they can't rule themselves. Daniel 2:44 spells it out for those that are so inclined to look into their Bibles. Dust them off folks and look it up. Jim@ccfiiile.com


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