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Framingham Leaders, DA Discuss Workplace Violence Prevention

Middlesex District Attorney stresses the importance of workplace violence prevention at Framingham town administrators and area business leaders meeting.

Gerry Leone was a guest speaker at the Framingham town administrators and area business leaders bi-annual meeting Thursday, where he addressed the importance of workplace violence prevention. 

The event was held at Cushing Memorial Park for area business leaders with a focus on community and economic development. Also in attendance was Framingham Town Manager Julian Suso, Chair of the Framingham Board of Selectmen Jason Smith, Framingham Planning Board Director Jay Grande and Framingham Police Chief Steven Carl, according to a press release. 

Leone discussed the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office’s workplace violence prevention program he created in April 2010. The program is available to area businesses interested in receiving training on how to minimize the risk of a violent incident occurring in workplaces. The program discusses specific policies and rules of conduct that businesses can put in place, at minimal or no cost to those organizations, to better protect themselves and minimize the risk of a workplace violent incident.

“Most of us think of our workplace as a home away from home, but there have been several serious and fatal workplace violence incidents throughout the country in recent months, most recently just yesterday in California where a man allegedly opened fire at a hair salon,” District Attorney Leone said in a press release. “One thing that we have learned from such incidents is the importance of prevention efforts and having policies and plans in place should such situations arise.  By setting specific policies, developing and implementing plans and training staff, businesses can take critical steps towards protecting their co-workers.  Everyone deserves a safe environment to work in, day-in and day-out.”

The presentation was aimed at engaging private industry in Framingham to participate in the important prevention program. Leone has presented the program to workplaces throughout Middlesex County since it was first developed in 2010.            

Additionally, Leone discussed the recently established Framingham Youth Development Collaborative (FYDC) and urged the business leaders to become involved in the collaborative. 

The collaboration was created this summer by Leone, Police Chief Carl, Reverend Lloyd and Framingham State University President Tim Flanagan after a series of discussions on the need of the community to better assist youth. The purpose of the Collabopration is to reenergize, refocus and re-dedicate Framingham’s commitment to positively developing and maintaining youth wellness, safety and health. The Collaboration is comprised of law enforcement, court officials, public school officials, college and university leaders, non-profit organizations, and , all from Framingham.  The collaborative meets every other month with a focus on early intervention, truancy issues, and positive youth resources. With programs already established to focus on high school and middle school students, such as the Community Based Justice Program, the Collaboration’s goal is to direct their efforts to support younger children where issues during their formative years age can often lead to life-altering problems when they become teenagers.             


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