Framingham, MetroWest Communities Meet to Discuss NSTAR

On Wednesday, residents took photos and reported NSTAR was cutting trees in Framingham again.

A regional leadership meeting was held by Framingham and neighboring towns to talk about NSTAR and their policy on drawing a balance between keeping vegetation so that it does not disrupt the power lines.

As of now, Selectman Chair Charlie Sisitsky said NSTAR has been guilty of making different promises to different towns and they must be consistent in their policy across all towns in the area.

The issue was discussed briefly at Tuesday night's Selectmen meeting.

On Wednesday, residents in Saxonville were reporting NSTAR was cutting trees again.

Also on Wednesday Town Meeting member Caraline Levy took these photos and sent them to Framingham Patch.

NSTAR has maintained "Trees are the number one cause of power outages and we have an obligation to do everything in our power to prevent them.  Tens-of-thousands of customers rely on those lines for reliable electric service so if there's one issue involving a tree it has the potential to affect the power of tens-of-thousands of people," said spokesperson Mike Durand.

Ronnie DiComo July 13, 2012 at 07:30 PM
In the past few days NStar has decimated a whole section along Old Conn Path and today they are cutting along Lake Road. How is it that this monopoly doesn't have to answer to anyone?
Joe Rizoli July 14, 2012 at 08:19 PM
Who owns the land that NSTAR is talking about and the people are complaining about? If Citizens are too foolish to plant trees or use NSTAR property to promote gardens, swings, of whatever, then that is the problem of the Citizens. Let's reverse this. How would you like NSTAR to tell YOU what to do with YOUR land that abuts their land? Would you like it if they told you that you had to plant trees or bushes at YOUR expense to make the area look nice? Now, I am not happy with the policies of NSTAR, don't get me wrong here, because their cutting policies seems to be sporadic and all over China here, but really people, WHO owns the land that YOU knew when you bought your houses? Land ownership goes both ways. BUTTTT NSTAR should have been behind all this outgrowth years ago. If they did a responsible job keeping up their maintenance the abutters would never had noticed anything. That is the real issues here. Joe Rizoli


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