Framingham Residents: Are You Happy With Your Comcast Cable Service?

Town of Framingham is beginning its renewal of Comcast's cable service franchise contract. Customers are encouraged to provide feedback to the town and can comment below.

Patch file photo
Patch file photo
Framingham Selectmen held a public hearing Tuesday night with its Cable Advisory Committee to begin its renewal process with Comcast for cable television service for the Town of Framingham and its residents.

Framingham Cable Advisory Committee Chair Annabel Dodd, who attended the meeting along with committee member Peter Barnes and Norma Shulman, said the process to renew Comcast's contract with the Town of Framingham will take about two years of negotiations.

The current contract expires in July 2016 and the Town is seeking a 10-year franchise renewal.

Per federal law, cable modem, telephone service, and pricing are not included in the license agreements.

Framingham residents have the choice of Comcast, Verizon or RCN for cable service providers.

Dodd said the committee is seeking customers' thoughts on installation service, repair service, experience with Comcast in billing disputes, experiences contacting Comcast's customer service. She said both favorable and critical comments are welcomed.

Dodd also said as part of the negotiations the committee plans to discuss keeping a local office of Comcast in Framingham for equipment exchange and customer service needs.

She also mentioned other communities had negotiated a senior discount with Comcast and they were looking to do the same.

Bill Rabkin spoke at Tuesday night's hearing, not as the President of Access Framingham, but as a Comcast subscriber. He said in general he has been happy, but he would like for Comcast to be required to list specifically what local programming appears on the town's three local station, not just a "generic" local programming in the online guides. 

Shulman echoed his complaint.

Framingham Patch asked Facebook readers their thoughts on Comcast cable service in town and received several responses last night.


Please comment below on your thoughts about Comcast service in town and Framingham Patch will forward your thoughts to the Cable Advisory Committee.
Daniel June 11, 2014 at 04:54 PM
I don't have Comcast but I recommend keeping them. With 3 competitors in town, it, hopefully, keeps costs for all of us lower.
mostmoderateD June 11, 2014 at 05:28 PM
They are all pretty much the same, they give you a good deal to sign up but when the year is up the bill goes up quite a bit, RCN doesn't offer the same online services as Fios or Comcast like blocking phone numbers but I found their DVR shadowed Comcast in capacity and I felt like (Comcast) were throttling the internet at times....♠♠♠


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