Selectmen Grant Caribbean-Themed Restaurant Liquor, Live Band Licenses

Opening in the building once occupied by Los Compadres and The Stadium, Selectman Jason Smith said "if we get any notices that this is a nightclub, I will ask that the license be revoked."

Framingham Selectmen granted the ISLA Restaurant and Lounge all the licenses it needed to start operating.

It was the and this time the applicants appeared to be better prepared to withstand the sharp questioning.

Selectmen were clear they would not tolerate an establishment that would be a repeat of the incident plagued nightclub and bar that the previous tenant ran under the names of That group has filed for bankruptcy.

“I’m looking at this license as a license for a restaurant with other functions,” said Selectman Dennis Giombetti. “I would want you (the managers of ISLA) to make sure that the previous clientele does not return.”

Selectman Jason Smith made his concerns clear, “If we get any notices that this is a nightclub, I will ask that the license be revoked."

The necessary licenses were granted by Selectmen, pending all approvals from the . A restriction was placed on the entertainment license that a live band performing at ISLA was limited to no more than five members.

Selectmen also placed initiated restrictions on the establishment that the basement function room could not be used if a “high risk” performance was occurring elsewhere in the building and the establishment had to close by 1 a.m. every night.

Town Meeting member Jim Rizzoli spoke out against Selectmen granting the licenses to ISLA.

“Once they bring in entertainment, that’s a killer. Nothing has changed. When they have entertainment the same people will return. It’s party time for them," he said

The restaurant, at 672 Waverly St., can seat 630 people for dinner and has function rooms on two levels.

The building was once the home of the popular Union House. The building is still owned by Phil Ottaviani, whose family ran the Union House.

ISLA will be a Caribbean-themed restaurant with entertainment at least four nights a week.

Victor Ortiz, a former Town Meeting member, will manage the restaurant. The assistant manager is Mario Herrera.

Ottaviani, who owns the building, indicated he is comfortable with Ortiz and Herrera running the business. “These guys are on a short leash,” he told the Selectmen in the first hearing before Selectmen.

Jim Rizoli April 11, 2012 at 02:05 PM
What has changed? Same managers, same crowd of people, same music....guess what same problems! This is going to be a meeting place for the illegal aliens and do they know how to have a good time. They carry knives and when they have too much to drink they fight. You know a place like that is bad when the police don't even want to go on calls there. Chief Carl said it was the worst restaurant in the town when it was opened before. So folks make sure the ambulances are ready, have the police wearing their riot gear, and stay off the streets. This is a very dangerous place when they leave the parking lot and drive home in their unregistered cars, and of course no licenses. Some big celebration days are coming (Cinco De Mayo) that will be the big test. If we can get through that day without a problem then we might be in good shape. Jim@ccfiile.com
Kevin Mullen April 11, 2012 at 04:26 PM
Sounds like you are talking about Five Points in New York from 1800s...minus the cars of course. The Irish immigrant community wasn't looked on too highly back then.
Jim Rizoli April 11, 2012 at 04:50 PM
Five points good analogy.....same type of issues. I don't care who they are this could be a bad move for the town. These folks have had plenty of chances to clean up their act....how many time do we allow them to come back. It's nothing but a name change...everything else is the same. Almost Every Latino restaurant that has tried to carry on with live entertainment has run into big problems, that is a fact. So we allow them to function and cross our fingers....that is not the way businesses should be approved of in the Town. I give them six months until problems will be reported. If they can pass that probation period then maybe we lucked out. This is just another thing that draws the wrong type of people into the town. I guess the town hasn't learned. We have this disco bar, then the ESL, then the full day kindergarten that might be coming. You talk about providing for the influx of the things we don't want here these are the things that do it. So what do we get for being so accommodating.....Higher Taxes, more crime, and just plain aggravation....thank you very much Board of selectmen. Jim@ccfiile.com
shentboy April 13, 2012 at 12:56 PM
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