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LETTER: Citizens For Limited Taxation Endorse Fetherston

Citizens for Limited Taxation is endorsing Jon Fetherston for state representative in the 7th Middlesex District over incumbent Tom Sannicandro.

Submitted by the Committee to Elect Jon Fetherston:

Jon A. Fetherston has won the endorsement of Citizens For Limited Taxation’s 2½ Political Action Committee, in his election bid for state representative from the 7th Middlesex District.

Editor's Note: The district represents Ashland and 6 of Framingham's 18 precincts.

CLT’S 2 ½ PAC, the political arm of Citizens for Limited Taxation, was originally
created to support candidates who would defend Proposition 2 ½ in the State Legislature. It now endorses candidates who support taxpayers on a variety of issues, and uses the CLT Legislative rating to identify pro-taxpayer legislators.

Francis J. Faulkner, executive director of the PAC, said the group endorsed Fetherston based on his strong support for tax limitation.

“We need to put people like Jon Fetherston in the state legislature to continue the fight for the income tax rollback and to block any attempt to impose new taxes. Jon has also taken the taxpayer protection pledge. This pledge asks candidates to ‘oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.’ A candidate who signs the pledge is sending a message to legislative leaders that he is serious about not raising taxes and will focus instead on better
management of state revenues.”

In contrast, his opponent Rep. Sannicandro, received a lowly 21% on CLT’s most recent taxpayer rating.

In serving the best interests of the taxpayers and the economy, we urge the voters of the 7th Middlesex District to vote for Jon A. Fetherston on Nov. 6.

Charles. Garbarino October 23, 2012 at 12:09 PM
I support Jon Fetherston for State Representative. The reason I support Jon, is that he is remarkable in the principals, I believe in. Being endorsed for Citizens for Limited Taxation should send a clear message to residents of Ashland and six (6) of Framingham’s precincts to vote for Jon. Please take note that the incumbent was not endorsed by this “Watch Dog Group” for limited taxation. The incumbent votes along with his party and that it the exact problem we have created. We have created a one party controlled State House, of Tax and Spend and you and I are responsible to change that. Jon has taken the “No New Tax Pledge”. We need to break the one party system and bring balance and conservative people to represent us. Please join me in supporting Jon Featherstone who is an extraordinary man for State Representative, 7th Middlesex District. We can do better with Jon Fetherston!


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