LIVE BLOG: Framingham Town Meeting 2012 - Day 4

Framingham Patch will be live blogging at Town Meeting; which is expected to start at 7:30 p.m. or when there is a quorum.

Framingham Patch will be live blogging at Town Meeting; which is expected to start at 7:30 p.m. or when there is a quorum.

I can't seem to get out live blogging platform Cover It Live to work tonight with the wifi at Nevins Hall tonight - so I am blogging the old way tonight.

7:36 p.m. Moderator says George Lewis Precinct 18 was taken to the hospital with chest pains. Moderator says he is doing okay and is supposed to be released tomorrow.

Moderator is reminding Town meeting members that they will at break elect new precinct chairs, vice chairs, clerks and appoint individuals to standing committees.

7:42 p.m. Mike Bower of the Framingham School Committee speaking - precinct 5 -

7:47 p.m. TEST vote - FAKE vote - will the Celtics win the NBA Title this year?

VOTE - 35-68-24 -- Celtics will win the NBA title according to Framingham Town meeting

Qurorum present - Town meetingc alled to order - 7:50 p.m.

ARTICLE 19 - Kevin Crotty TMM7 making motion - to table to Wednesday.

Moderator - 2/3 rd vote needed

hand vote -

motion passed - article tables until tomorrow.

7:51 p.m. ARTICLE 20 - motion by CFO Mary Ellen Kelley - to transfer #22,917 from free cash to th diability commission

CFO speaking - playground Farm Pond - vendor defaulted - reimburse disability commission will proceeds from the bond.

Committe reports - 7:53 p.m.

Audrey Hall - Ways & means chair speaking -- 8-0-1 favrorable action on this housekeeping article.

Vote - moderator calls for hand vote

majority needed

Article passed - 7:54 p.m.

ARTICLE 21 -- collective bargaining agreements and pay schedules

Assistant Town Manager - David Williams speaking

Library SEIU Local 888

Fire Deputy chiefs local 1652

public works & recreation supervisors local 1116

CFO making the motion

Local 1652 - deputy cheifs - 5 members, Fiscal year 2012-14 $6,333 year average 1.2%

Local 888 - Librarians - 45 members - 29 at top of range

FY 11-13 - $15,172 average 1.0%

Local 1116 - Supervisors Parks & DPW, including water & sewer

37 embers, 20 at the top of the range

FY11 - $22,454 average - 1.0%


Fire Department Local 1652 - deputy chiefs

Effective July 1 2012 - sick leave buyback maximum increased from $700 to $1,400 for using no sick leave annually; and from $350 to $500 for using less than 24 hours sick leave annually. Town benefits from incentive tor educe the useage of sick leave that creates coverage issues.

Committee reports - article 21

Finance committe report -- 8:07 p.m

Betty Funk - chair speaking - April 18th voted in opposition 3-4-0

Ways & Mans chair Hall speaking - orriginally voted on April 23 -- supported it and then met earlier this evening met with Assistant Town manager - nothing performance related - overall motion made to support the article and failed 2-4-0.

Town meeting members to speak

8:10 p.m. Gloria Geller - TMM2 - ask finance committee how they came to their vote?

Funk - fincom - issued same sentiment as the ways & means - very concerned about the cost of government - concerned about the taxpayers and need to start somwhere in this difficult year - difficult decision but came to a no.

George Dixon - TMM3 - move to table article 21 pending review by personnel board - MOTION

Motion requires a 2/3rd vote

Moderator calls for a hand count

Moderator says the vote is NOT tables

Chair of the board of selectmen speaking - bd voted 5-0 to support this article - this is collective bargaining - this is a compromise between sides - we value our town employees very much - deserve a valid contract - it was a compromise between both parties - getting a very modest 1% raise - need to show that we respect and value town employees - very modest raise in these times - we think it is a fair one - selectmen urge you to support this article.

Kevin Crotty - TMM7 - have a concern ...

8:16 p.m. Adam C. Steiner- TMM4 - don't seen anything in this proposal that is extravagant ... what concerns me is the danger and taking a collective bargaining agreement that both sides agreed to in good faith and effect on future negotiations... I don't think there is anything extreme in this ...

Jake Bajekian - TMM11 - what we are voting on goes into the levy and then the levy the selectmen set the tax rate - who is responsible for the levy - the selectmen?

Moderator - says wants him to explain levy?

Bajekian - who is responsible fo a total budget - selectmen or Town Meeting members? ask question of the fiannce committee.

Moderator answering part of the question - budget put together by the CFo after discussion with all department heads - once that is determined by the CFO - then goes to selectmen as warrant article - sleectmen responsiblity for the warrant -- oneof the articles is the budget - responsibility for implimenting the budget is Town Meeting - you are the final say so of what money is spent where ... you have been presented with an item with a recommended amount.

8:20 p.m. Richard Baritz - TMM17 - who negitations with the union for this town?

Assistant Town Manger- Human Resources Director David Williams speaking - I was the designee who lead the negotiating team -- whih includes the fire chief, the assitant fire chief, CFO, etc.

Baritz speaking - who ever negotiated this contract knew the situation the town of Framingham is in. .. maybe the pople doing the negotiations should under the problems .. I am a federal employee - no increase in 2 years due to budget restraints ... public officials not get raises...

Ned Cross - TMM12 -- it is a small increase ...

Jeanne Bullock - TMM5 - speaking - there have been previous years when many employees of the town side got 0% - giving them 1% raises in tough economic times after having years of 0 - is not a lot of money - have to show employees we appreciate the work they do ... this is not the place to be skimping - we lose good employees when we don't say we appreciate the work ...in favor of this not a big amount

Town Meeting member asked what are the procedures if vote no.

Town counsel - said negotiations would have to resume.

Motion made to move the question - to cut off debate

about 3 stillw anted to speak

2/3rd to move question - hand vote - question moved.

8:27 p.m. Electronic voting on the question to approve the contracts

Majority vote is needed

Yes - 99

No - 38

Abstain - 5

Article 21 PASSED

8:29 p.m. ARTICLE 22 - approve cost of living increases for non bargaining - CFO motion to withdrawn this article with concurrence of the sponsor (CFO)

majority vote is needed

hand vote -- motion passed


ARTICLE 23 move to adopt salary scheduled for various town employees - motion by CFO - efefctive July 1, 2012

Municipal employees, temporary season, division heads, public safety management, library pages, dispatchers public safety, firefighters, police superior officers, police local 474, crossing guards, public works, parks & recreation

CFO - said non of these schedules are changing - like to have them voted on an annual basis.

8:33 p.m. Betty Funk - Fincom chair speaking - 6-0-0 in favor

Harold Geller - TMM2 speaking -- quick question - about the Quinn bill and how it relates to Framingham? (Education incentives for police officers - Quinn bIll)

Editor's note: there are 144 Town Meeting members present at the moment

Police chief speaking - officiers hired after July 1 2009 not part of Quinn Bill, except if a transfer from another department

Geller - not arguing against an educated police force -- but now learning all new hired may not be the case.

VOTE - majority vote needed

electronic vote --on article 23

yes - 134

no - 3

abstain - 4

Article 23 PASSED

8:47 p.m. BREAK CALLED for Precinct meetings

Moderator -- 20 minutes

9:13 p.m. CFO - motion - article 24 - authorize revolving funds for july 1, 2013

CFO is reviewing the list of the revolving funds...

Excavation Management Fund - DPW - $75,000

Vaccine Administration Fund - Board of Health - $27,000

Flourescent lamp/mercury recycling - DPW - $5,000

Town record preservation - town clerk - $34,000

Callhan Senior Center - council on aging - $25,000

Emergency management equipment - Framingham Emergency management agency - $3,500

Animal Control - $4,500

Maynard Fund - $20,000

Danforth Memorial Building - $90,000

Cushing Chapel - $20,0000

Concert on the Common - $4,000

School bus fees - $380,000

Town wetlands protection fund - $28,000

Fin Com & Ways & means in favor

9:24 p.m.

Melanie Goddard - TMM2 - discussion of the Perry Trust - to maintain that property -- don't see a revolving fund for parks & rec and wonder if there are revolving funds that are not listed here??

CFO speaking - there are some revolving funds that do not have to authorized every year ...

Dick Weader - TMM4 - ask about the town record preservation revolving fund -- either the fee is way out of line? Collect $800 and has collected $20,000

Town Clerk - Valerie Mulvey - we have been short staffed and thus have not spent the money for preservation...

Joel Winett - TMM7 - CFO - report the fund balance of all resvolving funds and all funds not part of operating budget at the fall 2012 Town Meeting - MOTION

CFO speaking -- I think that is on the list of the fall TM warrant - maybe?

Majority vote needed - moderator

9:30 p.m. suggest a hand vote -- PASSED

Continue discussion on Article 24

Ted Anthony - TMM1 - ask guidance - question - school bus fee - year to year carrying - $100,000 plus balance --

CFO response -- that fund balance is as of June 30th -- in month of June some people pre-pay for the next year ...

Moderator trying for a hand vote - majority needed


9:33 p.m. ARTICLE 25 - payment of prior year bills

Parks & Recreation

American engineering & testing - $341.25

MCI Communications - $321.69


Building Services - NSTAR electric - $24.85

Public Works SNOW & Ice -- Giosio & Sons - $2,025

CFO made motion --

Fincom report - chair Betty Fund speaking -- 6-0-0 in favor

Ways & Means - chair Audrey Hall speaking - 9-0-0 in favor

Hall - town this size to have so few bills and so bills is good ...

TMM to speak

Kevin Crotty - TMM7 - why take so long to give the snow & ice vendor the money - winter has been gone a while?

DPW speaking - Paul Barton - deputy director -- not paid for 9 hours of work

4/5th vote is needed - moderator

NOTE: 149 TMM are present

moderator calling for a hand vote -- unanimous - PASSED

9:39 p.m.


$3,500 from Cumberland Road for off site mitigation

$13,500 from genzyme - off site mitigation -

$25,000 from Dennison Bishop LLC - off site mitigation

$5,000 rom Franchi Management Company for Brimstone Estates to be transferred to the Conservation rust fund for management of open space

Committee reports - 9:41 p.m.

Fincom Chair Funk speaking -- 4/24 - 6-0-0 in favor

Ways & Means Chair Hall speaking -- april 12th discussed with CFO -- and then had a followup with planning ... 9-0-0 in favor

9:42 p.m. Tom Mahoney - chair of the planning baord - april 23 vote -- 5-0-0 in favor.

TMM to speak --

Kathy Vassar - TMM 1 - speaking - Brimstone Estates - has the pedestrian easement be obtained?

Jay Grande - planning board administrator speaking -- recently spoke to owner of the property beginning of this week - going through a performance review before the conservation commission on May 7th -- planning board performance review has not been scheduled ... access easement -- owner claiming they have provided that - I know from discussions with conservation that - that is in doubt -- looking for some resolution .. owne rof the subdivision says it has satisfied that provision -- that is an area of ongoing difference of opinion - not being overlooked.

Vassar - administrator has answered my question -- still a concern ...i'm hopeful - but encourage conservation commissiona nd planning board that those easements are obtained.

Dennis Paulsen - TMM9 - question - Dennison Bishop - this is from Dec. 2002-2003 - why is it coming up now -- has thi smoney has been sitting in an account all these years.

Grande speaking -- good question -- that Dennison triangle was approved many years ago - due to economic downturns - portions of project did not move forward - after bankruptcy - tracking process - not in a position - until satisfied conditions of approval ... we have not received those funds until this fiscal year

projects i now several buildings with several different owners - there are still some issues with that project ... trying to collect ...

Gloria Geller - TMM2 - danforth farms estate ...mitigation with the owner - has our mitigation been completed - will we get more mitigation money?

Grande -- information - new owner - they will be submitted an amendment application ...there is a significant density reduction ...

9:50 p.m. Moderator calls for hand vote -- majority needed


9:52 p.m. - Article 27 - general fund budget agreements

CFO speaking - motion move the following FY12 budget adjustments

Transfer $471,026 fromgroup health insurance budget to

$45,000 to general budget

$48,000 bd of selectmen/Town manager

$161,588 Fire Department

$158,000 eby service/interst n abtement

$31,318 to library

$16,829 public works

$10,291 to parks & rec

10 p.m. Committee reports

Fincon chair Betty Funk - 5-1-0 in favor

Ways & means Hall speaking -- had more questions than answers with this article - asked for additional information -- didn't get to the point where we voted on this - my apologizes

TMM to speak

Steve Orr - TMM1 - explain how requests for applications for abatement can go back to 2006 without being resolved?

10:02 p.m.

 tax board has been seriously understaffed - huge backlog of cases -- not just Framingham said CFO

majority vote needed - hand vote - PASSED

10:05 p.m. - Motion to adjourn

Town Meeting will continue Wednesday with Article 28

































Linda Dunbrack May 02, 2012 at 12:22 AM
Yea! I love this format better than the other.
Susan Petroni (Editor) May 02, 2012 at 04:03 AM
Linda; May I ask why?
Linda Dunbrack May 02, 2012 at 11:36 PM
Sure. The other format tales longer to load, is too choppy with all of the time stamps and associated odd spacing. It makes it hard to skim. When you have more discretion, you tend to break up things in ways that make sense topically, instead of based on time. Integrated reader comments are distracting. I'd rather have the choice of scrolling down to read them.


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