Neighborhood Meeting on Construction Projects Wednesday Night

Residents of the Mellon Street, Winthrop Street, Bethany Road and Waverly Street neighborhood are invited to come to the Brazilian American Center for a meeting June 18.

The Town of Framingham Department of Public Works will hold a meeting in the Bethany/Waverly neighborhood tomorrow night, June 18, to provide an informal forum for residents to meet with Department of Public Works staff, construction project managers and consultants that are responsible for the work in their area.

Residents can review the anticipated construction project boards, speak with staff and understand the important public infrastructure and environmental health benefits to their neighborhoods.

Residents of the Mellon Street, Winthrop Street, Bethany Road and Waverly Street neighborhood, as well as, the surrounding streets, are invited to come to the Brazilian American Center (BRACE) located at 650 Waverly St. Wednesday, June 18 at 7 p.m.

“Having a setting where residents can see what is planned and understand the significant value that the project has on their neighborhood and Framingham as a whole generates pride in our town,” said Framingham DPW Director Peter Sellers.


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