Online Tool Matches Voters with Ideal Presidential Candidate

The free quiz takes an in-depth look at your stance on a range of issues, then compares them to candidates' responses.

Just a day before the first big presidential debate and still on the fence about which candidate you'd like to vote for?

Try iSideWith.com, an online political tool that matches your stance on various issues with those of Mitt Romney, Barack Obama or those running on other lines, such as Jill Stein, presidential candidate for the Green Party. 

The site was launched earlier this year to help voters match up with their ideal candidate, and it's quickly gaining popularity through social media channels. In fact, according to iSideWith.com's homepage, more than a million people have taken the free quiz to determine their ideal candidate since it went live in March.

The quiz covers everything from social issues to foreign policy. Answers can also be fine tuned: You can choose general or more detailed responses, and a scale allows you to set the level of importance for each issue. Your responses are then analyzed to determine your ideal candidate, complete with a breakdown of your response matches.

Seems to be a pretty handy tool, but does it work? You tell us. Take the free quiz on iSideWith.com and let us know what you think. Is the candidate it matched with you the candidate you plan to vote for?

* October 02, 2012 at 09:58 PM
Mitt Romney is trying to "change the very mindset" of many, many folks out there, who have fallen vicariously into becoming enabling members of Our Society, through many of The Governmental Programs which have been bestowed amongst us all, that has been out there in Our Society for many years now, and not in just the last eight years or so, either. The Democratic Party has truly over the years, created many Governmental Programs, which has made it so much easier for many of those who do not want to better help to themselves, after they've received assistance, and feel more than comfortable to actually stay in that mode of their chosen behaviors, because they have become quite comfortable enough to survive in that very process, and not ever to strive for a better everyday life as they move forward into their lives! I'm certain that many of you either know of, or know a few folks here and there, where this is exactly what they've been doing for quite some time now. Unfortunately, many who do choose to get into a comfortable mode of living habits/behaviors, and since many or very few, has ever been called to task on it for the most part, at least to better themselves, they just feel quite comfortable in staying that very way, with little to no inspiration to strive for a better way of life.
* October 02, 2012 at 09:58 PM
Certainly this is more than a "Food For Thought" moment, its been right there under all of our noses for many, many years now, as well. Its like the term that has been around for ages, where many are just like "Dead People Walking On Earth!" biding their time while their amongst us. Look around you, they are everywhere, too! Although, there are still millions of children & adults whom go to bed hungry,here in These United States of America, which is more than just a conundrum, its a darn right shame to say the least, for which none that we in this country should ever have let that happen in the first place at all! What I mean by that is, that we should have our elected officials from the cities & towns throughout, do what they were elected to do in the first place and ensure that it does not continue to go on period!!


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