General Chemical Hearing Resumes at Wilson Elementary Tonight

Board of Health continues with General Chemical site assignment hearing at 7.

The public is encouraged to attend the Board of Health site assignment for tonight at the , 169 Leland St.

will to determine if General Chemical's site assignment should be revocked or amended.

General Chemical will have a chance to  provide its testimony tonight, after the public hears Director of the Board of Health Ethan Mascoop's case against. Mascoop called upon geologist and environmental consultant, Drew Smyth, who earlier testified the site is "one of the most contaminated in the state."

General Chemical, based in New Jersey,  is under scrutiny because they were found to have pumped contaminated water out of the basement onto public property. The DEP fined them for this and several other code violations during an inspection in the spring 2010.

General Chemical sits in a densely populated area of the southside of Framingham. The toxic waste tranfer station abuts a portion of the Woodrow Wilson Elementary School. A toxic plume of groundwater encroached upon the school playground and surrounding neighborhood, during the fall of 2007, during a "clean-up" process that was being attempted by General Chemical. Over the past several years, a handful of private homes were purchased by General Chemical, when volitile organic compounds were discovered seeping into the foundations.

The public can speak at tonight's 7 o'clock hearing. 


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