Selectmen Unanimously Appoint Teri Banerjee Interim Moderator

Framingham Selectmen closed the Oct. 16 Special Town Meeting warrant, at their unusual Thursday night meeting.

After the unexpected death of Ed Noonan in June, the Framingham Selectmen took action Thursday night to approve an interim moderator.

Teri Banerjee will fill the moderator vacancy, until the town election in April.

Banerjee has served as moderator previously. Earlier this month Town Meeting members voted for her to run the September Special Town Meeting and several years ago, she moderated three nights of the Town Meeting.

Before being officially approved as moderator, Banerjee will need to resign from her position as an elected Town Meeting member from Precinct 1.

Selectmen voted 4-0 to appoint her interim moderator. Selectmen Jason Smith was not at the meeting.

Also Thursday night, Selectmen voted to close the warrant for the October Special Town meeting. There are 20 articles on the warrant.

At their next two meetings, Selectmen will hear presentations from the articles’ sponsors and decide if they are going to support each one.


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