Selectmen, General Chemical Have Conversation Over Abandoned Buildings

And 5 other things you missed from Tuesday's Selectmen's meeting.

A series of inspections of the five abandoned buildings owned by General Chemical was conducted.

Vegetation around the buildings have been cleaned up and one building in particular is being closely examined.

“General Chemical is open to a conversation about taking the buildings down,” Town Manager Bob Halpin told Selectmen.



4. Today, July 12, a meeting will be held in Boston to discuss the details of the

5. Only three Selectmen were present at Tuesday's meeting - Charlie Sisitsky, Ginger Esty and Dennis Giombetti. The meeting finished in about 45 minutes. The next scheduled meeting is Tuesday, July 24.

6. Selectmen also dicussed a schedule for meetings through the fall. Several meetings will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays due to Jewish holidays, said Sisitsky. Selectmen also decided not to meet on Sept. 11.

Scheduled meeting dates are: Aug. 14, Sept. 19, Sept. 20, Sept. 24, Sept. 26, Oct. 3, Oct. 10, and Oct. 16.  

On Tuesday Aug. 14 Selectmen will vote to open the Fall Special Town Meeting warrant. Articles that are to be included in the warrant must be submitted by noon on Thursday Sept. 20. Selectmen will vote to close the warrant on Monday Sept. 24.

Wednesday, Sept. 19's meeting will be the last day division and department before Selectmen to request article sponsorship.

Warrant books will be mailed to Town Meeting members and posted online following the Wednesday, Sept. 26 meeting.


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