Town Manager: Half of Framingham Still Without Power, Including 2 Fire Stations

Town Manager Julian Suso issued the following statement to residents on Monday at 11:15 a.m.

Statement issued by Town Manager Julian Suso:

"In the aftermath of Hurricane (Tropical Storm) Irene, the Town of Framingham continues its public safety and public service work to restore all areas of the Town to more routine operations.

At one point on Sunday, during the height of the storm, we approximate perhaps 3/4 of the Town was without electrical power.

We roughly approximate that half of Framingham is yet without power as of this morning.

We understand from NStar that there are at least 63 specific locations (each with many customers) that are awaiting restoration of service. Thankfully, the predicted severity of the storm did not impact Framingham to the extent that many had feared.

Two of the Town’s fire stations are still without power (Nobscot and Rt. 9) and are operating on standby generators.

Fifteen to twenty traffic signals are also yet without power and essentially operating as "four-way" stops in the meantime.

All of the Town’s public safety and public service personnel are working to restore our roadways and neighborhoods to normal operations.

I want to thank my colleagues for their continuing, tireless work in this regard. In the meantime, we ask for the continued patience of our residents as we pursue this restoration. We ask you to exercise care in both walking and driving throughout Town given the large numbers of trees/limbs and other debris throughout our neighborhoods and the continuing potential for downed wires (all of which should be treated as "live" for safety purposes).

At all times for emergencies, residents should continue to contact the police or fire departments through the normal 911 emergency calling system.


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