5-Hour Mediation Session, Still No Contract for Teachers

Framingham Superintendent of Schools released a press release on Thursday's mediation session with the Framingham Teachers Association in regards to settling a contract.

Framingham Superintendent of Schools released a press release on Thursday's mediation session with the Framingham Teachers Association in regards to settling a contract.

The full press release is below.


Negotiations yielded continued progress during a five-hour mediation session yesterday.  

Substantial agreement exists in most areas with a few issues remaining to be resolved.

A follow-up meeting was scheduled for mid-day Feb. 4 when all parties are available to resume talks.

We continue to use deliberate effort to wrap this process up as soon as possible to return to our principle concern of improving student performance at all levels.

Dr. Stacy L. Scott

Framingham Superintendent of Schools

Nate January 26, 2013 at 12:07 AM
What is the disagreement?
Fair Contract Now! January 26, 2013 at 03:58 AM
It is our kids that suffer and it's sad. But we teachers are people like all of and like all of us have expenses like healthcare and gas that only keep rising. They do their jobs everyday and for more than 3-yrs have not received a cost of living increase. They deserve one. No cola will cover or ever be enough for all they do for Framingham students. They also need to be able to provide better classroom instruction in a better environment not in a room where our children are one of 30...let's get this going. Fair contract... NOW!
Brad Evans January 28, 2013 at 06:19 PM
Again, I call on the leader of the FTA to provide the percentage of teachers that DID NOT receive any type of increase last year (be it step/lane/super step etc). Healthcare - please do not get started on that expecially since Framingham gives a great deal on benefits (and the teachers cannot negotiation health insurance as part of their contract negotiations - it is against the law in Framingham). Until the teachers want to negotiate health insurance (and until the school department chooses to pay for teacher health insurance out of their budget) keep it out of the equation..Yes, for all you who do not know, the school budget does NOT include the cost of healthcare benefits for the teachers.. That is budgeted in the town's general operating fund,along with every other town employee's insurance. It is by far the faste growing expense in our town's budget and Framingham's generous package is one of the reasons the budget is stretched so thin. Salaried professionals, which the teachers are, do NOT get COLA increases year to year. We get salary increases as part of the evaluation process and they should not be automatic or expected. Increases should be earned and deserved. If you want to argue that every teacher deserves a raise because they do a great job and go above and beyond, go for it. But do not argue that they deserve a raise just because the economy has tanked and other costs keep rising. All other salaried professionals are in the same boat.
Derek from Framingham January 28, 2013 at 07:07 PM
'All other salaried professionals are in the same boat'. Brad that sums it up in one line. Most other private sector workers feel they would like they deserve pay increase as well (they would take any kind - they wouldn't care what you called it - a raise is a raise!) The town and SC should hold firm. No pay increases until the economy improves. For the 'anything for the teachers' supporters I only ask why is it fair to ask those who have taken pay cuts over the years, lost benefits, worked longer hours to give up more of what they have left? If you're going to say we need to support the teachers, that same line could be used for almost any other worker as well. As Brad said - we are all in the same boat - and really the public sector is in a much better boat right now - so they really don't have the right to ask for an even better boat right now.
Stacy January 28, 2013 at 07:27 PM
After 5 hours I am wondering why they are still talking....from my understanding there are 3 reasons why the teachers and SC cannot come to an agreement. # 1. Smaller class size...if the SC could make classroom size smaller don't you think they would? It only benefits all involved. When some schools are using art and music rooms to hold regular classes does anyone think that just possibly there is no more room available in the buildings. If you want smaller classrooms you first need more buildings, classrooms or in simpler terms space. When making smaller classrooms you then need more teachers which lead me to #2. COLA raises…COLA raises should be made on merit and job performance. If the FTA want smaller classrooms and more teachers hired then they will not be given any COLA because this town cannot afford it. So if smaller classrooms happen COLA will not and should not. #3 Set work hours. This one gets me the most. If you want to punch a time clock then go work where you can punch a time clock. Walmart and Target are probably hiring. Salary employees don’t have set hours. They have an understanding of when a person should show up to work and when a person should go home. Those hours are when the job is done or at least as done as it can be in a given day. The FTA can’t have their cake and eat it too. So if you want to be a salaried employee with great benefits then stop asking for a part time job.


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