Beverly Hugo Running For Re-Election To School Committee

Hugo: "I will continue to be guided by a moral and ethical compass to help ensure equity and excellence, to be fiscally responsible, to think creatively and critically in order to find solutions to sometimes complex issues ..."

Editor's Note: Beverly Hugo is running for re-election for a 3-year seat on the Framingham School Committee. The current chair of the School Committee, Hugo is running unopposed. There are two incumbents running for two seats. The statement below is Hugo's announcement for re-election. 


I have been honored and privileged to represent the citizens of Framingham during the past five years in helping to promote educational excellence for all students, helping to close the achievement and access gap and helping with the accountability and transition process of education reform.

Five years ago, I pledged to work full-time as a School Committee member and to ensure that the education of the children in our town would be the most important underlying factor in every decision that I would make. Now, five years later, I am even more passionate, experienced and effective in my role as chair.

If elected to my third term, I will continue to bring opportunities to Framingham through my advocacy on a local, state and federal level.  

As a member of your School Committee, I have been honored by the Massachusetts Association of School Committees by being elected Division II Chair of that state-wide educational board. By serving on its legislative, resolutions and advocacy committees, I am poised to bring our students in Framingham every opportunity possible to stay competitive on a state-wide basis.

The coming years will see an expansion of the emphasis on science, technology, engineering, arts and math in our curriculum. I have lectured on the integration of these elements of education across the state to teachers and administrators.  I plan to continue these efforts in my next term.  

Additionally, I am concerned about the high school dropout rate and will continue to evaluate the proper measure of services to students at risk. I have, also, been a tireless advocate for students who are high academic achievers as well as for students with nontraditional learning styles.  

Finally, I have been a driving force for the implementation of free full-day kindergarten for all children in our system.

I will continue to be guided by a moral and ethical compass to help ensure equity and excellence, to be fiscally responsible, to think creatively and critically in order to find solutions to sometimes complex issues and to continue to enhance the educational system in Framingham.

I will continue to be your voice in the Framingham Public Schools and to work full time for the education of your children. Although I am running unopposed, I ask that you give me your vote for my third term for a three year seat in the April election.

Thank you.


Editor's Note: Every candidate was allowed to submit an announcment by Feb. 1, as per the

Susan Petroni February 06, 2012 at 08:18 PM
Phil - you seem very passionate about the issues. Do you have a child in the school system? Which school? Perhaps you should consider getting involved in Town Meeting. I know Herb is always looking for new members. ***
Susan Petroni February 06, 2012 at 08:19 PM
@Jim - The Adult ESL Program is not run by the Framingham Public Schools. Asking Ms. Hugo to fix that would be the same as asking her to fix something at Access Framingham. Yes, they both rent space at Fuller Middle School - but that is the extent to which the Framingham Public Schools have control ...
Jim Rizoli February 06, 2012 at 08:28 PM
Sue....I guess you didn't read the LAW. jim@ccfiile.com
Susan Petroni February 06, 2012 at 08:31 PM
@Jim - If you feel so strongly call ICE - I'm not going to help you on this one!
Susanne Olson February 06, 2012 at 10:43 PM
Beverly Hugo has demonstrated excellent leadership with the recent superintendent search. She delivered on all the milestones that were set at the beginning of the process, putting Framingham ahead of most districts with their search process. Her dedication and commitment to this district have been outstanding and I fully support her candidacy.


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