Brophy Principal: 'I Take Full Responsibility For My Error'

Brophy Principal in a memo to staff: "I have learned from this incident."

Brophy Elementary principal Frank Rothwell issued a memo to staff this morning stating he "deviated from MCAS testing protocol during a make-up test session in May."

The district investigated the incident, which took place exactly three weeks from today. Superintendent of Schools Stacy Scott said "irregularities" are "unacceptable in the district.

"I take full responsibility for my error and want you to know that I would never intentionally compromise our school's results," wrote Rothwell. "I have learned from this incident and am committed to continuing our journey as a Brophy community."

A memo is expected to go home to parents today, too.

Framingham Patch was the first media outlet to report on the investigation.

This is the second MCAS irregularity reported at a Framingham elementary school since March.

Scott said based on the investigation he will make changes. He did not say if any individual would be disciplined.

Scott said testing procedures will be reviewed again with school principals and administrators.

According to the state, "testing irregularities are incidents that represent a deviation from prescribed testing procedures. Testing irregularities may include student impropriety, test violations, educator misconduct, or the mishandling of secure test materials."

On March 17, Framingham Patch was the first media outlet to report on a MCAS irregularity at Stapleton Elementary School.

Scott responded, at that time in March, "FPS district office reported concerns to DESE regarding a potential irregularity in MCAS administration at Stapleton ES which impacted the starting time of the test for 5th grade students. The district is conducting a full review of processes and procedures regarding MCAS testing requirements to ensure full compliance with DESE expectations."

Less than two weeks later, the Stapleton Elementary School Principal was placed on paid administrative leave

Two days, later the administration announced the principal resigns. A search is still ongoing for a new principal. No finalists have been publicly announced yet.

Mary Gonzales June 05, 2014 at 05:27 PM
Based on all the information Framingham parents have NOW - it was not a student and not a staff member or teacher at Brophy who did something wrong. We now know it was the principal. He did admit he did something wrong. It seems apparent he is not taking the blame as the manager of the building he is taking the blame as he is the one who did the wrong doing what ever it was. So clearly, the administration knows this and has chosen not to release the wrong doing to parents and taxpayers. We don't know why. Has anyone asked the principal or the superintendent why? It is unknown if staff know different information than parents. I too question why one type of investigation at Stapleton and a different type of investigation at Brophy. Is it because the public knew about the issue at Stapleton the day it happened? And we did not learn about this issue until weeks later? I can understand why some parents may be annoyed at the Patch publishing what some consider a negative report. I would be annoyed to have a black mark on my school too. But I get 99% of my news about the schools from the Patch,as the FPS administration is miserable in communicating. And the Patch is always publishing great news about the good things in the schools almost daily. Why didn't a letter go home to parents when the investigation began? Why did the administration and the principal in his memo to parents be so vague? If parents are unhappy then parents should demand Dr. Scott provide details.
Jules Sullivan June 05, 2014 at 09:47 PM
As an outside observer - my child does not attend this school - I'm not sure what the issue is here? The principal said he made an error. He is not being fired. He does not sound like he was disciplined at all - no leave like the Stapleton principal - so why is everyone upset? When you are in the public eye, you need to be able to own up to mistakes and move on. Sounds like that is what the principal did. Parents need to accept he made a mistake and move on too. You can't focus on it - the more you focus on it the bigger it becomes.
Heidi McIndoo June 06, 2014 at 07:04 AM
Yes, an error was made. Yes, the principal has taken responsibility (whether he actually made the error himself or is taking responsibility as a committed leader, we don't know) Knowing what I know about Brophy and Frank Rothwell, I am certain it was not intentional. We don't know what it was--how big or small, but based on the fact, that nothing drastic has been done, I assume this is a small issue--there are so many, ridiculous, nit picky details that must be followed for this test. The fact that this issue has become such big news is frustrating. Honestly, I'm less concerned with the error than I am about the huge amount of time that teachers and students and administrators spend organizing, planning, preparing for and administering this test that 1)will probably be replaced possibly as early as next year. 2)does very little for my elementary school children in terms of preparing them for life and teaching them (except of course how to take a standardized test). and 3) causes unnecessary stress to young kids who, at this point, should still just be given the chance to be little kids
TLD June 06, 2014 at 08:03 AM
Charlene- I commented on the fact that the incident was not disclosed, not the names of the people involved. You don't know me, so do not attack my character or my knowledge of anything.
D Penta June 06, 2014 at 02:52 PM
Someone already posted here that the principal himself made that error - not a teacher and not a staff member. Some of you parents need to stop drinking the Koolaid. And we don't know if the principal was disciplined as it is likely a personnel issue - the superintendent said that. (and we likely will never know if he is disciplined, as that is the way it works - or at least it does on the municipal side where I work.) But the fact is a wrong doing was reported. The superintendent investigated. He concluded there was wrong doing. The principal publicly said he did the wrong doing. Be happy the investigation is over parents. Does it really matter what the wrong doing was? Speculation does no good. It just prolongs this matter, which it appears you all wish would go away anyways!


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