Framingham State To Open Off-Campus Site at Assabet Valley Regional School

Attendees can takes classes towards a Bachelor of Arts degree in liberal arts starting Sept. 5.

’s Continuing Education Program is opening a  new off-campus site at Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School in Marlborough.

Initially, the University will be offering people the chance to take classes toward earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in liberal studies. The courses will be offered on Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 6:30 beginning Sept. 5.

The Assabet Valley site was chosen because it’s easily accessible from Interstate 495 and is already home to a vibrant evening community education program, according to Scott Greenberg, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Graduate and Continuing Education at Framingham State.

“There is an existing population of thousands of adults attending noncredit classes at Assabet Valley Technical School,” Greenberg said in a press release. “We believe some may be interested in taking credit courses and completing a college degree.”

Greenberg says the site provides people in the Assabet Valley region the flexibility to work toward a bachelor’s degree while also juggling family and job demands.

Among the courses initially offered are:

Elementary Spanish I:  An integration of language and culture designed
to provide beginners with basic functional language skills and an appreciation of
Hispanic cultures.

Europe and World Since Circa 1450: A survey of major cultural, intellectual, political, and socioeconomic developments in Europe since the mid-fifteenth century, including European interaction with the wider world.

Race and Ethnic Relations:  An examination of the cultures of various racial and ethnic groups from national, international, and historical perspectives; an overview of the theories relevant for an understanding of the outcomes of intergroup contact.

Expository Writing: Designed to improve the writing of expository prose needed in college and beyond. The emphasis rests on collecting, evaluating, and organizing evidence from primary and secondary sources in order to support an explicit, arguable, and substantive thesis.


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