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Full-Day Kindergarten Fee Could Increase to $3,400

School Committee's sub committee on policy looked at a proposal to increase full-day kindergarten fees for the 2011-12 school year. No recommendations or votes were made last night.

The School Committee's sub committee on policy reviewed a proposal from  school administration to increase full-day kindergarten fees.

School Committee member Andy Limeri told the School Committee there was no recommendation at this time, saying that a bit more information still needs to be gathered.

Limeri said the fee could be $3,400. That would be a $100 increase. The School Committee would need to vote on any increase. Last year, the School Committee raised the full-day kindergarten fee from $3,200 to $3,300.

The this week began registering about 690 incoming kindergartners for the 2011-12 school year.

Parents have until May 13, 2011 to make their choice of schools known. Framingham Schools allow parents to choose which elementary school they would like their child to attend. Parents, if not selecting the two-way program, rate school preferences from 1-7. Parents are offer tours of the schools and to hear presentations from the principals, before making their choices.

The Framingham Public Schools will use the following criteria to assigning new incoming K students, at this time, according to a letter that went home to parents:

* Two-Way Program requests will be filled first, then

* First choice sibling guarantees, then

* First choice home district preference, then

* All other requests.

Lotteries will be held for schools with more requests than seats available.  Lotteries will be held for full day kindergarten seats, after students have been assigned to a school.

Students who require a specialized program (special education or English language learner program) will be placed per the guidelines of each department.

Half day kindergarten options will be available for free in each elementary school, as mandated by the law. The number of full-day fee-based K classes in each school, will be determined based on demand and the district’s ability to meet its financial obligation after reviewing minimum enrollment guidelines, according to a recent letter that went out to parents.



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