Lexington Associate Principal to be New Framingham High Principal

The new principal lives in Framingham, his wife teaches in the Framingham Public School district and they have two children in one of Framingham's elementary schools.

Framingham Superintendent of Schools announced his pick for the new principal at Framingham High School, to replace Mike Welch, who is leaving to become the Superintendent of the Dedham Public Schools.

“I have spent all of last week reviewing comments from staff, community members, administrators, and District leaders regarding the next principal for Framingham High School,”  said Stacy L. Scott.

Scott said he spent this weekend reflecting upon the needs of Framingham High School, the district vision, and the leadership necessary to bring the quality education offered at Framingham High School to a national level of excellence.
“Based upon all of these sources of input, I am pleased to announce that I have concluded contract negotiations with Mr. Adam Goldberg, the next principal of Framingham High School, said Scott.
Goldberg will assume the principal duties at Framingham High School on July 1.

Goldberg currently lives in Framingham and has children attending one of Framingham's elementary schools. His wife is also employed by the Framingham Public Schools.

The new Framingham High Principal attended UMASS Amherst and received his Bachelor’s Degree in psychology and his Master’s Degree in student development and pupil personnel services.

For a total of seven years, he served as Guidance Counselor at Turner Falls 
High School (three years); Longmeadow High School (one year); and Weston High School (three years). Goldberg then became the Director of Guidance at Weston High School for six years. He then advanced into school administration and became the Assistant Principal of Westford Academy for five years and is completing his second year as the Associate Principal of Lexington High School.

“I am honored to serve the students, staff, and community members of Framingham High School and Framingham. I trust that I will able to meet their expectations and look forward to forming a vision for the high 
school after reaching out to all stakeholders for their input," said Goldberg.

Originally posted at 1:12 p.m. Updated to fix typo at 1:33 p.m.
Keith Nelson June 16, 2014 at 07:25 PM
FHS Mom....just wondering if you attended the session last Tuesday evening where we got to hear each of the two candidates for the FHS Principal's job. I was there along with approximately 35 other Framingham residents. Were you?
FHS Student June 17, 2014 at 12:27 AM
@FHS Mom "Inner City Issues?" I just graduated in the Class of 2014 and fail to see any truth in your comment. You're right. Framingham is not Weston or Lexington. It's Framingham, a diverse and hugely populated town. If the diverse student body automatically means it has "Inner City Issues" which I assume you would list as violence or low graduation rates, you are seriously off base. 90% of students graduated in 2013 and I have never personally felt threatened or unsafe while in school. In fact, FHS has above average test scores in Math and Reading and offers a wide variety of courses and opportunities for its students. It is not a school that needs to be "fixed," only improved, like almost every other school in the country. I have met some of the most inspiring and amazing teachers at FHS and recieved help and guidence whenever I asked for it. I felt that my education was sufficiently challenging and preparatory for higher education and also for the real world. It is sad that you will remove your son from such a great school due to issues that are basically nonexistent and only perpetuated by your "4 generation family" attitude. Schools change and improve. The world is not static. I'm happy to welcome somebody with experience with such successful schools to Framingham.
Kerry Dunne June 17, 2014 at 11:27 AM
I agree-- as an FHS alum, and as a nine year employee of the school before moving on to another opportunity, I will not hesitate for one second before sending my own children to FHS. The school is the gem of the Framingham Public Schools, and is one of the best high schools in Massachusetts (#25 out of 350+ int he US News and World Report rankings). It is large, but that provides a niche for every student-- with drama, sports, art, and music programs and academic extracurricular programs that again tops in the state. The faculty is extremely strong overall, and stays late and long to help students succeed. There is no school in the region that offers better access to high level AP classes in every subject area. And the diversity is a strength-- about 1/4 of students attending the school come from a low-income background, but many of them are first generation immigrant students who, frankly, have a work ethic that some native born Americans lack and many of these students are the first in their families to attend college. Adam Goldberg is a lucky man to be chosen to lead this school.
1alvestar June 17, 2014 at 09:40 PM
Tara Alves, Precinct 3 resident.....I think Mr. Adam Goldberg is a great candidate. They made a really great choice because we are now heading in a positive direction and as a parent I want to see other kids keeping up with new Technology and Making the grade. We can finally have world class progressive Educational reform in Technology, And compete with others. Change is Progress and Progress is Life and we need to rise up to the challenges and get with the times. There are serious issues at the HS that need to be addressed and there are resilience issues too. That the teens there could benefit from and know that we all are proud of our kids there and that they know how much we appreciate them there and wish them the best in life. And care very much for them and the teacher's there and now our new Principal. We wish you all the best of luck through out your lives.


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