Museum of Science Helps McCarthy 4th Graders 'Rock' Science Education

A McCarthy Elementary School parent applied for and was granted a scholarship from the Museum of Science to bring its Geology: Rock Detectives program to Framingham.

There is not many days that kids go to school and get to play with rocks; but last week fourth graders at McCarthy Elementary School did.

The students rocked their science lesson with assistance from the Museum of Science, which brought its Geology: Rock Detectives program to Framingham.

In the workshop, students explored different types of rocks and learned how they form over geologic time.

Working as a team, students identified various rocks and minerals through hands-on observations and experiments.

Thanks to McCarthy parent Heather Ostendorff-Bach, every fourth grader in the school was able to participate in the program and it didn't cost McCarthy a penny. Ostendorff-Back applied for and received a $560 scholarship for the program from the Museum of Science in Boston.

The program required a classroom for the day - and as space is tight at McCarthy Elementary - the school's assistant principal arranged for the fourth graders to use space across the street at Fuller Middle School.


Susanne Olson December 02, 2012 at 11:15 PM
Thank you for organizing this Heather, the kids had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience!


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